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Pull the plug wires gently off the spark plugs and then gently off the ignotion coil. When you put them back on, the numbers 1 and 4 plug wires will be longer than the 2 and 3. Starting at the right rear of the ignition coil (as you're looking at it), it goes 1, 2, 3, 4. (See diagram) ________________________ / / / 1 3 / / / / / / / / / / 2 4 / /______________________/ Just put the wires on starting with 1 on the front of the engine and 4 with the back of the engine (towards the transmission)

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Q: How do you remove the plug wires on a 2003 neon?
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Tools needed to remove spark plug wires from 2004 dodge neon?

use your hands.

How do you change spark plugs in a 2004 dodge neon?

Remove the spark plug wires from the spark plugs, use an extension for your Allen wrench, and use a spark plug socket to remove the spark plug.

Spark plug gap 2003 dodge neon?

the gap is .035 for a 2003 neon

What do you need to change to do a complete tune up on a 2003 dodge neon?

Plugs Air filter Fuel filter PCV valve Plug wires Dist. cap? Rotor?

Is there a technique to remove spark plug wires on a 2002 Montana?

Remove and replace the wires one-at-a-time, following the same routing.

How do you disconnect spark plug wires on a 2001 Dodge Dakota 4.7 liter motor?

It does not have spark plug wires. It has a coil on each plug. You unplug the electrical connector, remove the hold down nut, and lift the coil off.It does not have spark plug wires. It has a coil on each plug. You unplug the electrical connector, remove the hold down nut, and lift the coil off.

How can you remove spark plug wires without damaging them?

You can try twisting them on the plug to break the seal. Sometimes it is impossible and you need to replace the wires.

Remove spark plugs on a 2003 Lincoln Navigator?

The coils are bolted to the side of the engine, The spark plugs are under the coils, NO PLUG WIRES. unbolt the coils and use A spark plug socket.

How do you change the spark plug wires on an impala ss?

Disconnect the battery, remove the spark plugs wires and boots and remove the spark plugs. Put in the spark plugs, replace the spark plug wires and boots, and connect the battery.

Why does your 1996 dodge neon sputters and backfires?

your neon sputters from old spark plugs and plug wires. i changed both and problem went away.

How do you change spark plug's and wires on a 3.5 Dodge Intrepid?

there are no wires. each spark plug has it's own "coil on top" remove the coil by pulling straight up . then remove and replace the spark plug. That wrong ther are wires on the 3.5 and it,s not easy you need to remove the intake manafold to remove & run new wires

How do you replace spark plug wires on 2001 dodge neon?

Just like any other spark plug you just need to find the size of the plug and buy it.

Will broken spark plug wires keep a 2003 Malibu from starting?

Broken spark plug wires will keep almost any car from starting.

When changing the spark plugs on a 2003 GMC Envoy XLT do the wires just pull off the plug as most wires do or is there a secret that you need to know in order to remove the wires?

There are not any wires. This engine used a coil over the plug to fire it. The coil is held in place by two long bolts for each coil. CAREFULLY remove the bolts without cranking hard on them .... they have been known to snap if overtightened. Then lift out the coil and leave the wires attached. The plug is directly below and can be easily removed. Do not overtighten!

Alpine CD player model 7914 there are 8 wires in the top of the plug power wires no speaker wires if you remove the plug there are pins is it missing all the speaker wires in the plug?

the alpine 7914 is pre-amp only you need a amp

How do you change a thermostat on a 2003 dodge neon sxt?

To change the thermostat on a 2003 Dodge Neon SXT, first remove the drain plug to let the engine coolant drain into the pan. Unhook the coolant reservoir and remove the hose clamp. Spray the two thermostat housing mounting bolts with a solvent and pull out the old thermostat.

Do you have to change your spark plug wires when you change your spark plugs?

No. However, newer plug wires can be extremely difficult to remove without damaging them.

How do you change the spark plug wires in a 97 lumina?

Disconnect the battery, and remove the spark plug wires one by one. Replace the spark plug wires in the same order, ensure the connection is firm, and connect the battery.

How do you replace spark plug wires on a 3300 oldmobile engine?

To replace spark plug wires on a 3300 Oldsmobile engine, open the hood and remove the wires from the end of the engine. The number of spark plug wires most often corresponds to the number of cylinders your engine has.

What causes a 2001 Neon to jerk when you speed up?

Faulty/fouled spark plugs or spark plug wires. I had this problem and a set of new wires fix it.

Where is the spark plug on a 2003 Mazda protege 5?

Looking at your engine you will see on top 2 black blocks (coils) and wires that come out of them into the engine. Pull the wires from the engine, and unscrew the coils from the top and remove them. Once you do, youll be able to see the plugs and remove them.

How do you change the spark plug wires on a 2003 ford escapes?

take it to dealer

How do you replace spark plugs on 1999 Town and country?

Mark and remove plug wires. Remove spark plugs and install new plugs. Reattach plug wire to correct plug.

How do you remove spark plug wires with metal protector on 2004 Chevy?


How do you change distributor cap on 94 Chevy G20 van?

Remove the doghouse, mark spark plug wires if they aren't already, remove spark plug wires, remove 2 screws holding the distributor cap in place. Installation is reverse of removal.