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There's probably two holes other than the screws that hold the drum on. If you can find a bolt long enough with the proper thread, you can screw them in to push the drum off, that's what I had to do.


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Begin by removing the break assembly from your 1994 Mercury. Tap on the rear brake drums with a hammer or mallet. The brake drums will become loose and will simply slide off.

If you are inexperienced, you should not be messing around with the brake drums.

brake drums should pull off if not rusted on.

Remove the wheels from your 1995 Toyota Camry. Remove the brake pads by removing the brake pad Springs. Tap on the brake drum with a hammer or mallet. Slide the brake drums off. Reverse the process to install the new brake drums and shoes.

Remove the drums and take them to an auto parts store that has a brake drum lathe.

Remove the tires and wheels. Remove the brake pads and hardware. The brake drums will slide off. Reverse the process to install the new brake drums.

experience and a big hammer

No, the drums can be cleaned with brake cleaner.No, the drums can be cleaned with brake cleaner.

Remove the wheel and tire. Next, remove the axle end cap. Remove the brakes and all hardware. The brake drum will slide off.

first you have to take the wheels off of the van,and then you have to take the tension off of the brake shoes. Next you will be able to remove the rear brake drums off of the vehicle.You may have to tap them with a hammer to break them free.

Brake drums are not attached with fasteners, they just pull off once wheel is out of the way.

Jack up, remove rear wheel, remove emergency brake cable, loosen bleeder valve and bleed as normal.

Remove the wheel and tap the drums at back with a 'deadblow' hammer, rotating the drum as you do this. The brake shoes tend to hold drums on.

I believe they are ( 8 inch for the 4 cylinder ) and ( 9 inch for the V6 )

remove wheels, release emergency brake and drums will come off.

Remove the wneels then the drum retainer that holds the drum on while it is on the assy line. Then pull the drums off. If the shoes have worn into the drums you have to retract the shoes to let the drums come off. If they are sticking on the center, sometimes heat is required to get them loose.

Remove wheels Remove drums (Make sure parking brake is released Loosen and remove brake lines Remove mounting bolts Slide wheel cylinder out (may have to separate brake shoes slightly) Re-install new cylinders and Bleed new cylinders

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1988 Ford Ranger pickup truck. Remove the brake pads. When the brake drum is not loose you can tap on it with a hammer or mallet. Once the brake drum is loose it will slide off.

New brake drums are broken in the first time you go for a drive usually.

Back off the brake shoes then remove the wheel and tire then pull the drum off If its a 3/4 ton back off the shoes,removve wheel and tire ,then remove plate on hub ,then remove hub nuts then remove hub [brake drum]

Remove the wheels then the drums should just slide off. If they are rusted on, WD40 and a hammer should do it. If the shoes have scored the drums, you have to retract the shoes first. If you can't do that you can pry the drums off and ruin the springs and fittings. You have to replace them and know how they go if you do that.

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