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Airing them out usually does the trick for me, but try some of these sites for some great ideas:

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Will air purifiers remove cigarette smoke smell in addition to dust and allergens?

Yes, all of the air purifiers listed will remove cigarette smoke and cigarette odor as well.

Will charcoal remove cigarette smoke smell from paper files?


How do you remove smoke odor from books after a fire?

There is no way to permanently remove the smoke odor from books after a fire. This is a permanent smell.

Why do I smell cigarette smoke when it's not there?

Cigarette smoke "stays with you"; if you smoke or hang around someone who does, the smell of the smoke will stay on your clothes & in your hair.

Why do you smell cigarette smoke when there is none?

The tar and other chemicals from the smoke will remain on the person smoking causing them to smell of the cigarette

How do you remove the smell of cigarette smoke from furniture?

The smell of cigarette smoke is really annoying. For simple cases letting it out in the sun and using a deodorizer can really help but for better results, dry cleaning may really bring the best results.

How do you make your self not smell of cigarette smoke?

Have a breathmint.

Does cigarette smoke smell worse if your pregnant?


What does lss on paper mean?

Less Smoke Smell. LLS cigarette papers have vanilla in them to improve the smoke smell.

How do you remove cough?

Smoke a Cigarette.

Does fine china absord cigarette smoke?

no it dont, it may turn it yellow but you will not have the smell of smoke

How do you get the smell of cigarette smoke out of carpet?

Spray it with a fabric spray or shampoo it.

How can you tell that someone has just smoked a cigarette?

They smell like smoke.

How do you get rid of cigarette smell in a grand piano?

Don't smoke in one

Can you cover the smell of weed on your breath?

The smell of cigarette smoke will always overpower the smell of marijuana smoke. Or you could just chew gum or eat breath mints.

Does it smell when you smoke in the shower?

It will not work to smoke while in shower as the water will turn off the cigarette or cigar.

How long does the smell of ciggerette smoke stay in a room?

The smell of cigarette smoke can linger in the air for a long time. The smell can get into the carpet and the walls, and become a permanent scent in a home.

Is it safe to touch a pregnant belly when your hands smell of cigarette smoke?


What do seals smell like?

Seals smell really, really bad. Like a combination of cigarette smoke, feces.

Why does the people that smock smell like they smock?

People smell like smoke because the smoke contains chemicals and cigarette residuals that cling to hair, skin, & clothing.

What are some removal methods for getting cigarette smoke odor out of curtains?

One can get rid of cigarette smoke smell with White Vinegar which destroys it on a molecular level unlike other products which just cover the smoke up.

Why does it hurt when you smell cigarette smoke?

because there are chemical substance like tobacco , nicotine ,etc

How do you remove cigarette odor from 2008 impala?

don't smoke in it clark HA

Is it harmful for you to smell cigarette smoke out of someone's clothes?

Again, of course not. This will probably be disputed by the ones who have demonized cigarette smoking beyond what are the legitimate risks.

Can cigarette smells come through brick walls?

Yes, But it would take alot of smell to do so. About and smoke can be smelled it place that you smoke.