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Ihave 2000 grand prix how to remove dash board to remove radio

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Under the dash, left side you will have to remove the close out panel.

Read "How do you remove the interior door panel on a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am?" the answers are prettymuch perfect

Using a screwdriver, remove all the screws in the door panel and remove all the clips holding the panel to the frame. Gently pull the panel away from the frame, remove an wire connectors and pull the panel off the frame.

remove the plastic panel around the stereo by using a flat screwdriver to pop it out in all corners then remove screws then remove stereo remove the plastic panel around the stereo by using a flat screwdriver to pop it out in all corners then remove screws then remove stereo

Under the glove box, there is a panel, I think you need a 7mm socket. Remove the panel and there it is.

Remove the plastic panel, remove the bolts, disconnect the wires from the back of the stereo and remove

looking for a fuse panel block 2008 pontiac

Realigning a window on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix requires the door panel to be removed. After the panel is off the window can easily be put back on track.

You need to remove the door panel to access the bolts and electrical for the mirror. To remove the door panel, it is all clips on the outside however there are 2 hidden bolts that you need to remove the cover from the door pull to access.

In a 1988 Pontiac Grand Am you will find the clutch slave cylinder located on the flywheel. You will need to remove the hush panel from the driver's side foot well to gain access to the clutch slave cylinder.

you first have to locate the screws that hold down the faux wood cover over the stereo located at the bottom of the panel. then remove the panel and locate the screws that hold down the stereo itself. remove those and the stereo will become loose. be careful not to pull the stereo or let it drop after you loosen the screws because the stereo is still wired up. gl.

Remove the from dash panel over the stereo. The whole things snaps off from over the stereo to over the stearing column. Once you remove that, look on both sides of the stereo and you will see 4 screws, remove those, pull out the stereo and unplug it. Ohh, it is really helpful to unplug the lighter, ashtray and defroster, you will see that when you start taking the panel off. Pretty easy, now, if you can help me out with the stereo color codes, that would be sweet, lol.

1. from bottom of trim panel around stereo pull from dash. 2. pull panel down to release latches at top. 3. remove 4 screws securing car stereo and pocket to dash. 4. pull car stereo forward, disconect antenna and connectors.

To remove the sliding door panel on a Dodge Grand Caravan begin by removing the top plastic panel. Then remove the bottom piece after unscrewing a few screws located on the bottom half of the vans door panel.

in the fuse panel located in the engine comparment

remove your the cover off the door panel to get to the stero.make sure u unplug it

According to my Haynes manual all you have to do to get at the stereo is remove the center bezel. that is the plastic panel covering the area around the stereo and the climate controls. just grip the plastic between the radio and the climate control panel and pull. make sure to unplug the electrical connector for the courtesy light before you fully remove the bezel.

How do you remove the drivers door panel and fix the window. It fell off the track.

Type your answer here... how do you remove passenger door panel on 2001 mercury marquis to replace door lock.,

I just did it....There is a panel that covers from the top pf the stereo to below the cup holder...there are 2 screws at the bottom of this panel...and two more screws going up under the top lip of the panel (philips)....Pull off the panel after you remove the screws....then there one screw under the stereo itself holding it back ( philips)....The just detach the wire harness and you're all set

You need to get the haynes manual for it. It shows detailed pictures as well as steps to follow. They have it at most stores like Canadian tire.

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