How do you remove the stereo from a Hyundai Accent 2003?

It is really complicated but can be done.

First you have to remove metal clips that are attached to studs that regulate you A/C temps and air. One is located in the glove compartment. you will have to push the sides of the compartment in in order to pull it down to access the stud, which should be white. It is hooked on so you'll have to maneuver it off somehow, but that's not the difficult part.

When you've done this you have two more just like this located under the steering wheel. you might need a flashlight. These are the sluts of the three clips. it took me about an hour to get them off. and i had to get in an awkward position to access them. I suggest using a small flat head screwdriver to get these off by squeezing it in between the metal part wrapped around the white stud to loosen it up.

Once you've removed these metal clips from the stud things. the hard part is over. Then you open up you cup holders where your head unit is and there are two screws securing the panel. remove those and hust pull the panel off. but don't yank it be cause you still have the wire to yourr signal light and clock to unplug. So once you pull the panel loose unplug the wire harnesses and sort of lay the panel to the side

NOTE: the metal clips you released at the beginning will be attached to the panel when you remove so I suggest to make room for yourself to take the radio (HU), apply the e-brake and start your car and put the car in neutral or something just to get the shift out of the way so you can have room.

then continue to unscrew the four screw that hold the radio and then unplug the antenna and harness and you've got it made!!! GOOD LUCK