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your best bet is to have a locksmith come and remove it this will avoid any damage to the locking mechanism and save you from replacing your lock


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cylinders in lock are bad-spring in ignition is broken and jammed-wrong key?

The key is probably jammed into the ignition by the parking brake you put there

There may be something jammed inside your ignition. If this is not the problem then you will need to have a new ignition installed.

The Steering Wheel lock is jammed! Gently wiggle the steering wheel back and forth as you try to turn the ignition key.

So it would seem. If the ignition is in the column it may also be jammed by the steering wheel lock. Try turning the steering wheel and holding it while turning the ignition key.

weak spring, dirt, and the gears are plastic and they get chewed up and jam.

If the ignition chime will not turn off on a 1994 Ford tempo the switch for the sound is jammed. The steering column with have to be removed to access the switch for the ignition chime.

A starter will not disengage if the ignition switch is stuck or if the solenoid has jammed. This will cause the starter to constantly receive power.

Traffic was jammed in both directions.I jammed my toe.She jammed her finger when she fell.

1.would someone actually ask this 2.A Sprained thumb needs a cast and hurst to move longer then a jammed thumb

because all pigs have jammed Cd's of someone snorting in their brains

call a locksmith he can do it,ignition switch needs to be removed and checked on my altima the same happened but there is a button on the ignition that says push push the button and jiggle the key it should come out

Being that there are 2 cams and the system is a VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing), there are a couple of ways that the cam could've got jammed. 1) A Lifter is jammed. 2) There hasn't been enough oil pressure to the heade and the cam ate into the head and locked itself. Try removing and inspecting the cam instead of trying to turn it. ... Jerry

The duration of The Jammed is 1.48 hours.

Jammed Gas Pedal � Keep your eyes on the road. � Tap the gas pedal with your foot. � Try to pry the pedal up with the toe of your shoe. � Shift into neutral. � Turn off the ignition. (Do not turn the key to lock, or your steering will lock.) � Use your brakes.

it means that its pur hole is jammed it means that its pur hole is jammed it means that its pur hole is jammed it means that its pur hole is jammed

lets start real simple, wrong ignition key, ignition key lock jammed or broken, alot of times all you have to do is turn the steering wheel just enough to get the load off the steering wheel lock and then the key will turn. tahts about it.

The word jammed has one syllable.

bad battery or cables. Automatic trans not in park. Broken loose connections at the starter or ignition switch. Starter moter pinion jammed in flywheel. Bad starter, or ignition switch. Seized engine.

Some metal part inside the ignition broke and is jamming. The lock will have to be replaced. One time, when this happened to an old car of mine, I jammed a screwdriver into the ignition and turned it just like a key. It worked fine but I was always worried about the police noticing this and thinking I stole the car.

Yes, it is very normal for a jammed finger to swell.

how do you fix a front lode washer that is jammed

The throttle may be jammed. If the car has been unused for a period of time make sure that the throttle mechanisms are well lubricated.

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