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Open hatch and remove strap and handle. Remove rear panel attached to hatch by popping off of hatch. Be careful because the clips are not strong. Use bulb 921 @ 18W.

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โˆ™ 2005-10-31 15:26:09
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Q: How do you remove the taillight assembly on the rear hatch so that you can replace the stoplight and backup light bulbs?
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How do you change backup light on 1994 Chevy silverado automatic?

Open the tailgate and notice two Philips head screws. Remove the screws and wiggle out the taillight assembly to gain access to the back of the assembly to r&r all the bulbs.

How do you replace Backup light bulb on the taillight of a 2002 Chevy Impala?

you have to go through the trunk remove the apolstery and you wii\ll see were the bulbs screw in the lens

How do you change the tail light bulbs on a 1989 corvette?

If it's like my 88 remove license plate, remove wire to backup light, pull backup light assembly straight out (sideways), reach hand to taillight socket, twist socket and remove.

How do I open to check the bulbs 1992 Chevy Silverado back running lights do not work backup turn signals brake lights all work just no back running lights?

Open tailgate. Remove 2 torx screws in side of taillight. wiggle taillight out, Remove hex screws that hold bulb assembly in taillight. change bulb, Reassemble

What color is the backup light wire in a 2003 Passat taillight harness?

i dnt no i dnt no

How do you replace the backup light on a 2002 Kia Sedona?

Remove the tail light assembly (as I recall, it attaches with a couple of screws and is clipped to the body). Remove the bulb holder, replace the bulb, reassemble.

How do you replace the lower backup lights in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am?

how do you replace backup lights on 99 grand am?

How do you replace the backup lightbulb on a 2006 gmc envoy?

Remove the plastic interior panel to access the rear of the tail light assembly. Envoy enthusiasts forum!

How do you replace the license plate and rear fog light bulbs on a 1999 Grand Am GT?

secondary backup lamps Remove secondary backup lite retaining nuts. Remove secondary backup lite assembly. Push secondary backup lite assembly outward from rear fascia. Remove the socket. Twist socket and pull outward. Remove the bulb. Twist the bulb and pull outward. License plate lamps Remove the license lamp retaining screws. Remove the socket. Remove the bulb.

Where is the backup light switch 93 Toyota Paseo?

The backup light switch is under the air filter assembly. You'll have to remove the assembly to get at it. There are only two wires on top of the transaxel assembly. One is a very obvious ground wire, the other is the backup light switch. Have fun, you'll need a 10mm wrench and a 12mm wrench for the job.

How do you replace the backup light switch?

It is a hard quinton

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