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Ritz dye has a product to mremove rust stains. if you will mix this into a paste and rub on stain let it sit for about 15 minutes then wash with laundry it should take it out. i have used this many times and it works for me.

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Q: How do you remove underarm stains from clothing?
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How do you remove yellow stains on shirts at the armpit?

There is now a product available that will eliminate all underarm stains in clothing!! PitStop underarm stain remover does what all detergents and stain removers claim to but can't deliver. All you have to do is pre-treat the stain and let PitStop do the rest.

How do you remove grease stains from clothing?

With peroxide

How do you remove Vicks vapour rub stains from clothing?

how do you remove Vicks vapo rub from clothing?

How do you remove pen stains from white clothing?


What are some tips to remove blood stains from clothing?

Some tips to remove blood stains from clothing is to remove it immediately by using water and soap. Other ways is to soak the blood stains in a stain remover and wash on cold water.

How do you remove bleach stains?

You cannot remove bleach stains. Most stains deposit something on top of your clothing, but bleach actually takes the dye out of your clothing. You can try to redye the stain to match the rest of the garment.

What works best to remove stains on a white shirt?

To remove nasty yellow underarm stains resulting from excessive sweating use PitStop. Pre-treat the stain before laundering and it will restore shirts to their original color.

Is any solvent is used to remove grease stains from clothing?


How do you get the yellow underarm stains out of your white clothes?

Those stains are really hard to get out!! The best luck I've had is with products used to remove iron (iron-out or probably any other similar product). However, I wouldn't recommend using that on anything but solid whites. It will ruin colored clothing. Hope that helps.

How do you remove tea stains?

Tea stains are tannins. This makes them fairly simple to remove from clothes. Just wash the clothing in hot water with a good detergent.

What type of alcohol is used to remove bleach stains from clothing?

Wine is best

Can the sprite ingredients remove stains from clothing?

No, but you can use club soda instead.

How do you remove silly string from clothing?

The best way to remove silly string from clothing is by hand. Washing the material may cause stains to form.

How do you remove cooking from clthing?

To remove cooking from clothing, you need to use warm water with soap. If that will not work, you can soak the clothing in advance, or even use a product meant to remove stains.

How do you get rid of pit stains?

You can get something called "underarm shields" at most chemists; they clip onto your clothes at the sleeve (on the inside of the clothing), and prevent any stains or dampness showing through. (They can't be seen through the clothes). They are washable and resuable.

Water alone cannot remove greasy stains from clothes while alcohol can?

It is true that water alone cannot remove greasy stains from clothing. Alcohol usually can because it is a solvent.

How do I remove lipstick stains ?

Alcohol based cleaners are often very effective to remove stains, depending on the type of clothing stained. Amonia (a household chemical) also works wonders.

How do you remove rust stains from clothing?

To remove rust stains from fabric, lay it on paper towels. Soak the stains with fresh lemon juice (Bottled ones work too). Lay the paper towels with the fabric out in the sun to dry. the stains will disappear. Wash as normal aftewards.

How can you Remove Mold Stains from Clothing?

I generally use scissors, but this technique tends to leave holes!

What is the best way to remove stains from pink clothing?

There are many ways one might remove stains from pink clothing. In addition to various at home treatments, including the use of a laundry stain cleaner, one might also employ the use of a professional.

Does lemon juice lighten stains on clothes?

Lemon juice mixed into a paste with salt can remove stains from clothing. Leave it to dry for thirty minutes.

how can I remove blood stains using products available at home?

You can use bleach! This is a very efficient and simple way to remove all stains on white clothing, furniture, etc. Good luck!

How do you get grape stains out of cotton clothing?

Hydrogen Peroxide will remov grape stains out of cotton clothing

Can you get black stain out of white shirts?

I have black stains under my underarm of my white shirts how can i get them out ? I have bleached them a few times and the stains are still there. Thanks

What is bleach for?

Bleach has two primary uses:As a laundry aid to whiten or remove stains from clothingAs a sanitizing agent to kill microbes on surfaces and clothing