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How do you remove vinyl graphic letters off car?

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2007-08-18 11:38:02

If they are fairly new they will peel right off but older ones

might need some heat from a blow dryer or a heat gun, then remove

the glue with paint reducer or nail polish remover ( probably the

better choice ), you may have to work at it a bit to get it all, I

find that gasoline on a rag will get it off as well. Use your

fingers to peel up the decals not a blade of any kind.

park car with the sun shining on letters, let them heat up.

scrape letters off. use a safe slovent to remove residual glue. be

aware that if letters have been on for any amount of time, he paint

not covered by the letters will have daded and you will still see

where the letters were

you can usually fix that problem with a cut and polish

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