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Within the internet Options menu click the Security tab, select Restricted Sites. Find and click Sites, then Local Intranet, and press the Advanced button. Locate the website you want removed, press it followed by remove. Confirm by pressing OK and repeat if necessary.

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Q: How do you remove websites from the Internet Explorer Restricted Sites Zone?
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How do you unblock blocked sites on Internet Explorer?

Use can use the 'Trusted' and 'Restricted' website options in your Internet Settings-Security Tab to block and unblock web sites from being accessed by your computer. You can add and remove websites anytime by opening up your Internet Settings, choosing the Security Tab, and clicking on 'Trusted' or the 'Restricted' icons, then select the 'Sites' button to add or remove websites.

Can I remove internet explorer if i have Firefox?

You have to first download Firefox. Then after installing Firefox, you can remove Internet Explorer.

How to change internet explorer 7 to the last earlier version?

You can change internet explorer 7 to the last veriosn of the internet explorer , by removing or Uninstalling the Internet explorer 7 from the add and remove . this will help in removing the internet explorer 7 from computer

Can you safely remove Internet explorer from your PC and replace with Google Chrome?

Before deleting Internet Explorer, you have to download and install Google Chrome. Then you can delete Internet Explorer.

How do you set internet explorer? Solution: If you have only internet explorer. then no need set. if you have another browser then you can set default browser internet explorer. from add/remove program.

How do you uninstall internet explorer and all the files attached to it?

You cannot UN install/remove Internet Explorer because its a part of the OS.

How do you remove advanced perental control from internet explorer?

How do I remove parental lock

How do you unblock website?

Unblocking a website can be tricky, if parents have a parental control enabled, it might be impossible to unblock without their consent. But if their is no parental control, it will be fairly easy. For Internet Explorer 7+8- If you are talking about a "restricted site" and not one blocked by a firewall. In IE go to Tools , Internet Options, Security, click restricted sites and remove the site you wish to go to.

How do you remove Internet Explorer 8 to install Internet Explorer 9?

Internet Explorer 9 is only for Windows Vista and 7. If you want to downloaded newer version go to Internet Explorer downloads page (see the related link), download and install it. The installation process automatically removes older versions of the program

How can you delete explorer 8?

You have to remove the Internet Explorer from Control Panel. Deleting it from desktop as shortcut won't delete it.

How can you change Internet explorer 9 to Internet explorer 8?

Click Start, Click Control Panel, and then click System and Security. Select Windows Update, then press Installed Updates. Look for Internet Explorer 9 and then press remove update. Good Luck.

How do you remove about blank in Windows Vista?

Go to internet explorer---> tools---->internet options and choose your home page.

When you start internet explorer it opens only internet properties how can you change it back so it would be normal?

I had the same problem after formatting my hard drive. Go into your control panel, Click on add and remove programs. At the left side of that screen is your add and remove window components tab. click on that. For intrnet explorer to open from the start up the box next to internet explorer must be checked. If unchecked , just check the box next to it and click next. It should work properly after that Solution: 1: Remove internet explorer and install again. 2: If face still problem then you can download and install mozilla firefox.

How can remove inetrnet explorer?

WARNING- If you remove Internet Explorer you CAN NOT go on the Internet ever again unless you have Firefox or Google Chrome (And it works). To do so you need to download Revo Uninstaller Pro so you can uninstall it. After downloading open it up then click on Hunter Mode. Click and hold the target and let go when hovering over Internet Explorer. Click Uninstall then click OK and then it will start uninstalling.

Can you download Internet explorer 8 and still leave Internet explorer 7 installed?

the short answer: No! the long answer: It depends on how you install IE 8 YOu can keep a backup copy of IE 7 in case you do not like IE 8. But you will not be able to use them at the same time. Solution: 1: First you download internet explorer 8 from 2: Remove both internet explorer 7.0 and 8 . restart the computer. 3: install again internet explorer 8.0 set as default browser.

How do you remove iexplore.exe from your Task Manager?

well iexplore.exe is internet explorer for your information but if you want to "remove" it you can select it from processes and select end process.

How do you remove Internet Explorer 7 and install Internet Explorer 6?

There is no need to uninstall Internet Explorer 7 to run Internet Explorer 6 - you can even make IE 6 your default browser (it's very easy to do. Every time IE runs, it checks to see if it's the default browser - unless otherwise told not to do so. A dialog comes up asking if you want to make IE 6 your default browser every time you run it - click "yes"). To install Internet Explorer 6, visit the link below and click on the link that leads you to the Download Center. [ ] Solution: You can remove internet explorer 7.0 from add/remove program or you can use Microsoft kit. from just open this website install and scan help of this tool. and the restart computer. you will get automatically internet explorer 6.0.Internet explorer 8 is much better don't get 6 get 8

How do you remove your history and clear traces of visited sites on your computer?

If you're using Internet Explorer - Click on Tools then click on Internet Options. That page will let you delete everything. If you're not using Internet Explorer, ask again and tell us what search engine you're using.

We are using IE 7.0 How do you revert back to IE 6.0?

Answer You can revert from internet explore 7 to internet explrer 6. simply unisntalling internet explorer form the Add and remove .

How to remove dell internet explorer?

You can not actually delete it. Youc only hide it, and/or not make it main OS. Sucks huh, :(

How do you remove a homepage from internet explorer?

Go to Internet Options. there will be a little box with your homepage(s) listed in it. All you have to do is delete the one(s) you don't want and press apply.

How do you remove a proxy password from Internet Explorer?

Go to Control panel\User Accounts\Advanced\Manage passwords. Remove the entry for the site or network location.

How can you remove this in windows explorer?

You can remove the windows explorer by: Click the Start button. Type "Programs and Features." Click "View installed updates." Scroll down to the "Microsoft Windows" section. Select "Windows Internet Explorer 10." Click "Uninstall." Click "Yes." Wait for the process to finish. Click "Restart now" or "Restart later.

How can one uninstall internet explorer 7?

For many, uninstalling the Internet Explorer 7 web browser can be a difficult process. It typically does not require that much effort though. Using a computers control panel and then going to add and remove programs should work. If this does not, the file Spuninst does the job.

What does it mean to uninstall software?

Software are computer programs. Like Word, Excel, internet Explorer, or games. Uninstall means remove from the computer.