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How do you remove wrinkles from jeans?

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Here are two suggestions: * Promptly remove jeans from the dryer when they are done and hang them up. This will prevent deep wrinkles and creases. * Toss a damp towel along with the pair of wrinkled jeans into the dryer, and let them spin for ten minutes or so on high heat. If you have a wrinkle release setting, use it.

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How can remove face wrinkles?

Botox treatments will remove wrinkles. You can also use face exercise to reduce wrinkles. It's a lot cheaper.

How do you Remove wrinkles in vinyl liners?

orayl is the answer

How do you remove movie theater popcorn butter from jeans?

What you do is spray your jeans with bleach. Then you wash your jeans.

How do you remove wrinkles from the bottom of an in-ground pool and why are they there if the pool is new?

The wrinkles are there to provide for liner shrinkage over the years.

How do you remove wrinkles from paper?

Use some white-out,or color it in.

How is laser surgery used cosmetically?

it can remove wrinkles, birthmarks, or tattoos.

What is the best way to wash jeans and shorts so they do not wrinkle?

Wash the jeans inside out on a cold cycle in the washer. Next put them in the dryer for about 15 minutes to get the wrinkles out before hanging them to dry.

What is pressing clothes?

It means using an iron or press to remove wrinkles in clothes

Do you remove the label on Levi jeans?

No Never!The label identifies when the jeans were made...There are Levi jeans out there now that are worth $1000.00 just because of that label.

How do you remove wrinkles in a vinyl tablecloth?

An iron on low heat with a towel between the iron and the tablecloth.

Is there a fruit to remove wrinkles?

No. But a balanced diet and regular exercise may slow the effects of aging.

When a person uses an iron to remove the wrinkles from from a shirt why does the heat travel from the iron to the shirt?


When a person uses an iron to remove the wrinkles from a shirt why does heat travel from the iron to the shirt?


How do you remove black dye from white jeans?

dye them black

How do you remove cow manure stains from jeans?


How can one remove permanent marker from jeans?

There are a number of ways to remove a permanent marker stain on jeans. These include using hairspray, rubbing alcohol, milk, and nail polish remover.

Best wrinkle products available?

The important thing to remember is that no cream is going to magically remove wrinkles no matter what they claim. Outside of surgery, and even that isn't a guarantee, nothing will remove wrinkles, so temper you expectations. Here's a place to start:

What is the best way to get rid of wrinkles and do prevent them from occurring?

Prevention is always key, and the best way to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging to by using sunscreen. To reduce the appearance of wrinkles you should first exfoliate which remove the layer of dead skin, and encourage new skin to grow. Another way to reduce wrinkles is by increasing the collagen level of your skin.

How do you get rid of wrinkles in softub spas?

You replace the liner. Nothing will remove them. Improper PH causes this problem.

Can you remove car seat wrinkles with a steamer?

I might work. Depends on the steamer and the seat and what formatting and if it has stains on it.

How do you remove red dye from white jeans?

bleach the red dye out.

How do you get wrinkles out of the pool liner?

wrinkles in the liner are impossible to remove after the pool is filled. It's a loosing battle. Only two options. #1- if the wrinkles are small just enjoy the pool. Next time you fill the pool have the kids work the wrinkles out as you fill it. #2- If the wrinkles are "over lapping" drain the pool and start over. The water bill is much cheaper than a new liner. Good Luck hope this will help. R.B.

Does pleather rip easily?

Faux leather, also known as pleather, will crack easier than true leather. You can remove wrinkles by putting the item in the dryer for about a minute. Constant wrinkles may create the cracking.

How do you get rid of wrinkles on adobe Photoshop elements?

There are several ways to remove wrinkles in Photoshop Elements: using Healing Brush Tool, Clone Stamp Tool or using Guided Edit. See related links.

What are the names of some obscure occupations?

Wrinkle chasers are people who use a special iron to remove wrinkles from shoes.

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