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If you are talking about accessing the partition from Linux, the kernel file system driver does not allow writing to NTFS partitions. You can write to the partition in Linux if you install the NTFS-3G file system. This is the only form of "write-protection" that should be on your system.

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When to boot Windows 98 you cannot see files in the NTFS partition what might the source of the problem?

Windows 98 has no built-in support for NTFS. This is not a problem, but a missing feature.

One day you use the partition program to partition C Drive machine turn off for some reason half way through now you you turn on machine it say no operation system re run recovery disk not work why?

Okay, if the machine lost power during the partitioning process, you will have to start over with the partitioning as all the data on the hard disk will be scrambled. The process of partitioning modifies the data structure on the hard disk in very fundamental ways, interrupting this process halfway through will leave the hard disk with corrupted or missing partitions. Most likely all partitions will need to be removed and redone. Removing corrupted partitions may require a low-level format.

A missing or undersized lintel can put pressure on the?


How do you get a new hard drive to work?

A new hard drive generally comes without a valid partition table nor file system. Assuming you have the new hard drive cabled and configured correctly (using the jumper diagrams on the label), you then have to prepare it for a file system.The first thing you'd need to do is partition the new hard drive. Since Windows XP, Windows comes with both FDisk and a disk manager. You can use those. Once you install the partition table, you may need to format the partition(s) you created. If you use FDisk, you will certainly need to format as a separate step. FDisk is really only suitable for new drives or drives you want to completely erase, since it cannot change partition sizes once they are created without losing data.Or if you prefer, you can use a third-party partition manager. The modern partition managers can automatically do some of the necessary steps for you. So all you have to do is tell it you want a certain size partition or to use the entire space and it will make sure you have a valid partition table, that you have a FAT32 or NTFS file system, and have the correct type of partitions.One thing to keep in mind is that if you ever want to boot off of the new drive, the partition table type has to be set to Active. If the active flag is missing, any operating system that is installed on that drive will not boot. So if you can access the drive but not boot from it, then you likely forgot to configure the drive as Active. That is easy to fix and even FDisk can do that without any loss of data. Nearly every partition tool available has this option.

How do you get back missing files in windows update?

You have to use windows restore cd, to repair such files.

Can not install windows vista boot mgr is missing how can I fix that?

You can find here all required information

What will happen if NTLDR is missing when windows xp is booted?

Normally, the computer will not boot. And you will have to reinstall Windows XP.

How can you update your windows missing file without windows setup again?

dont use this sit you doushbags

How do you recover a missing system file in Windows Vista?


What if a DLL file is missing?

then you most probably have to reinstall you windows.

No voice in windows media player?

Missing video codec.

Do you need original windows 7 to fix bootmgr missing error?

if you have original windows 7 disc, you can reinstall it if you have recovery windows 7 disc, you can fix it

Your PC is showing missing windows system32 config system and refusing to load windows I have Windows XP but no recovery disc what can I do?

Burn a disc and use your key (on your pc).

What is the windows xp recovery tool that is similar to the Windows 2000 emergency repair process?

windows xp automated system recovery (ASR) Note: You can use recovrey console as well as windows repaire. if any file missing.

How do you fix windows when it is corrupted?

Windows has some files which are corrupted or missing due to virus or other windows error. Important files need repair and other should clean up to make windows registry free from errors.

How do you install new windows XP software onto an old computer with a older version of windows xp on it?

i think when you do the install, windows itself will check what you have and look for updates, it will give you the missing components

When you were installing windows 7 home premium on to your new computer it crashed now it says 'bootmgr is missing' help?

If your computer says 'boot manager is missing', then you need to re-install windows 7 home premium again.

If Windows XP installation CD has autoruninf file missing than will you be able to install Windows XP operating system?

The autorun.inf file is not crucial to the installation process; it only brings up the setup program automatically when you insert the disk. You can still perform an upgrade by running the setup program manually, or perform a clean install by booting from the CD. Note that a Windows XP disc missing this file is highly unusual, and if this file is missing, it is quite likely other contents may missing, damaged, or have been tampered with.

Why would windows media player not recognize an internal CD burner?

You may be missing some codex in your Windows Media player. You can try uninstalling and reinstalling your Windows Media player to correct the problem.

2002 ford explorer power windows 62 circuit breaker is missing?

Whats the problem?

Why won't skype open on Windows 7?

check the system requirements you might have somethings missing

What happens when you deleted the NTLDR from the sysytem partition?

you will get an error when you start up your computer. it will say NTLDR is missing press ctrl alt del to continue....... so don't do it!!

How do you install Windows 7 without a driver software?

Windows 7 can be installed without any driver-software. It includes native drivers for the operating system to work. After the installation Windows Update will find the needed updates for many of the drivers. If you are missing any after the install and update you can go to the manufatureers website and download the ones missing or old.

Why would your computer restart when you try to run regedit?

It might be a virus. Or perhaps windows has a missing component

How does neutral missing protection work in single phase energy meter?

need to add one power current transformer and small rectifier circuit, which will give power to the meters when the neutral is missing.