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Following link should give you all the answers: The 1997 Toyota Camry LE had a premium sound system with 6 speakers, as did other greater models and different Toyota years. The stereo consisted of a set of STD 4 speakers, plus two little tweeters (one in each door.) Gathering information to this system is a bloated nightmare and after 10 hours of installation problem, I figured I would post a helpful hint or two. The amp is located just under the glove box on the passenger wall of the car. Detach the black covering plate (also know as the kick-plate as you protect the dash underside from you shoes) by pulling down on the front as it contains a few pop-set clamps. Then remove this cover by pulling it out of the way. The amp is a shinny ridged box under the dash against the outside of the car wall. There is the amp, but worry not as it has little effect on your new system unless you are replacing all the wiring to the stereo and/or are making major modifications to your system. It is not necessary to do much with this unit as its function will not interfere with progress of the installation of a new radio/stereo unit. What you might ask? Well, remove the trim from around the stereo, which is the same trim as the heater setting dials or the heating adjustment block, which has the same trim as around the ashtray. Wedge a panel removing tool or taped knife or such and pull and pry until the trim begins to come off. The walk you fingers behind the trim and continue to remove it. It has a few pop-set clamps and some position posts. It is a bit scary, but it is the only way to remove the trim (ie. It pops out.) Remove the 4 (four) 10mm bolts from the factory radio. You will notice two antenna wires of which the little mystery cable is useless and only used on the original factory Fijitsu stereo. Please tape this wire and wire twist/clamp it into the car in a 'out-of-the-way' place before closing back up the dash and trim. Pull the wring harness from the fijitsu stereo (original deck was a Toyota A11712 (fijitsu radio/tape deck with a model number 86120)) and then relax a moment. The silly plug (fijitsu wiring harness) on the back loops around once and then plugs into two other connectors. These two other connectors are the exact connectors that tie into your schosche plugs, Wal-Mart plugs or any other wiring harness adapter that you can purchase for fewer than ten whopping dollars. Plug you new ten dollar adapter (has a two part plu) into the already mounted and secured harness adapters of the car to check….and then, quick wire the stereo and listen to the music! You might enjoy the simplicity of the procedure once you find the two adapters that are currently OEM and connected to a second adapter that connects your silly and horribly dirty fijitsu stereo of yesteryear! I installed in the deck slot a SONY USB/AUX/CD/FM/AM and it rocks, sounds great as it will provide 50 watts X4 max and plays on all four speakers (6 in this case.) The stereo was $100 new on amazon and the adapter was $6.94. After all, the entire original speaker system was Harmon's?

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Q: How do you remove your radio on a 1997 Toyota Camry?
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