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If one of the valve stems are not moving it COULD be because of a rocker arm problem, lifter problem or push rod problem. Most likely it is because of a damaged valve stem and to further diagnose the problem the head will probably have to come off. Run a compression check on all cylinders. Mark the spark plug wires, pull all of the spark plugs, then using a compression gague have someone crank the engine while you read the compression gague for each cylinder. If there is one or more cylinder with zero or near zero compression, that's where the problem is and you probably won't be able to fix it without pulling the heads. If it's a high mileage engine I'd just rebuild the whole thing at that time.

My wife's car was doing something like that also. What was happening was antifreeze was leaking into the cylinders and that would cause it to run rough. I replaced the intake manifold gasket and it ran rough for about 30 minutes and once all the coolant was cleared out of the cylinders it has run just fine since.

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Q: How do you repair a 98 Chevy Malibu that the engine runs really ruff and from what you can tell may have a stuck valve one of the valve springs are not moving?
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