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Q: How do you repair a Walkera 54 if the gear that controls the bottom blade snapped?
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Why would there be sand in the bottom of your pool around your jets?

One of the lateral returns inside of your sand filter may have snapped. When that happens, it can send sand out of your returns. Have your local pool place repair your sand filter.

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I can't get the fan to work.

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Is the skimmer plastic? Does it have a black bottom? If so, there is a kit for this. Check out black bottom skimmer repair - search.

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If you can prove that the plumber's actions were the proximite cause of the water main break you can sue him to recover for damages and costs.

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You only need to remove the center knob, not the panel.

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depends on whether or not the belt has snapped,if not £250.00 should cover it,if it has then it depends on the amount of engine damage caused.

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