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The song on your PC is not working and you do not have your mother board CD what can you do to get it working?

If your issue is all sounds not working then, check with the website for the manufacturer of your mother board, for drivers/updates.

Device that uses electrical energy to do work?

That sounds like an electric motor.That sounds like an electric motor.That sounds like an electric motor.That sounds like an electric motor.

Why is your Mac making random sounds?

It is probably just working. A Mac will make bleeping sounds and other random sounds when it is working on something.

Airconditioning only works on passenger side?

Check to see if the air diverter door is working. It sounds like the door is shut and air cant come to the drivers side.

A word that sounds like repair?

Hair compare

Brake on drivers side is grabing before the other?

Sounds like the caliber on the drivers' side needs rebuilding.

What is the function of electric guitar?

Make music or sounds.

Free download hp compaq dx2480 sounds drivers?


Why did an mp3 give an electric shock when touched?

because of the electric current use to produce sounds music

What is a the function of an electric guitar?

to make the music sounds awesome

What are the Examples of object producing loud sounds?

electric guitar

Your odometer stopped working how can you repair?

More than likely, it sounds like your odometer cable has been disconnected or is failing. A new odometer cable can be picked up at any auto parts seller.

Radiator shoots out water?

Sounds like you got a leak - need repair

Is it true that there's an electric violin?

Yes, there are electric violins. My friend has an electric violin and it sounds amazing. Many orchestras use them to get a more modern sound.

Is coke a electric conductor?

haha no that sounds kinda silly lol

Best electric guitar strings to use?

D`Addario they make the best sounding electric and acoustic sounds on the market

Why did power lock quit working on drivers side of 1996 Buick radio switched to am clock on 1200?

Sounds like you have a blown fuse. I am willing to bet you have have some interior lights out. Check your fuse panal, and replace as needed.

What does the pickup on an electric bass guitar do?

it picks up the sounds frrom the bass

What are the similarities between an ear and a microphones?

they can hear sounds and turn them into electric signals

How are bass electric and acoustic guitars different?

A bass guitar has 4 strings and sounds much lower than an electric or acoustic guitar. Both electric and acoustic guitars have 6 strings, but the electric needs an electricity-powered amplifier to sound clear and loud, while an acoustic naturally sounds richer and lighter without an amplifier.

If the electric lock on the backdoor is not working how do you repair it or at least get the backdoor to open?

sounds like the lock actuator is bad. It is a vaccum or electrical with a metal shaft attached to the lock mechanism. The problem could be a bad electrical connection. the to repair it remove the door panel carefully, find the metal shaft and check to see if the problem is there. The get the door open problem would be like the keys were locked in the car. if you or someone you know can do it, fine. If not some tow services can do it, or call a lock smith. hope it helps. duboff

Does the Electric violin sound the same as a regular violin? sounds more electric. That's like asking if an electrical guitar sounds like an acoustic. absolutly not! The regular violin can have more of a mellow, natural sound. With the electric violin you can get more of a modern sound. The electric violin is usually used in fiddle/bluegrass music. The regular violin is used in classical performances and orchestras. I personally do not play a electric violin because they sound so different. But you can get them in different disigns, colors, and sometimes you can change the sounds on them.

Which animal kills its prey with an electric shock?

I thought it was electric eels that behaved in such a manner? Sounds like a Godstowe quiz question! Verity...

Air conditioner freezes up on a 2002 Camry is there a hidden warranty for repair?

Your dealer can tell you if there is a complimentary repair for this. Sounds like it has a leak and is low of refrigerant.

What are the steps to installing sound drivers for Windows XP?

There are many steps involved in installing sound drivers for Windows XP. One must access the control panel and install the sound drivers from the hardware and sounds tab.