How do you repair a power window on a 1992 Toyota Camry?

I have a 1993 Camry and I had to remove the door panel and replace the window regulator motor and assembly. It is on about 5 screws to remove the assembly.. ~ 30 minutes work after the door panel is removed.

If you don't know how to remove the inside door panel, this link is very helpful:

In addition to the advice at the above site, I found another trick to removing the trim around the inside door handle. The above article refers to putting a screwdriver UNDER the door handle and pushing down ... to release a "secret latch". That's the first step. The second step (which is not in the article) is to insert the scredriver ABOVE the door handle ... vertically above the spot in the above article. Then gently press the screwdriver handle down. With the screwdriver acting as a lever, the tip of the screwdriver will push UP on the top part of the trim. That will lift the trim up off a small pin on the handle mechanism. With both the bottom and top of the trim piece now "unlatched", slide the trim toward the back of the car, while you open the inside door handle (as mentioned in the article). The trim will come right off. Be sure to slide the trim toward the back of the car, as you move the trim away from the door panel. (There is a "hooked" piece of plastic on the back of that trim that prevents you from just pulling it out perpendicular to the door panel.) 'Hope these fine points help.

PS. My 1996 Camry had 2 screws on the bottom of the door that also were holding the interior door panel in place. That wasn�t in the article.

For a 92 rear door, the following is what I found/did:To remove the inside door panel, you need to look for 4 buttons on side edges - push in on the center and use a small screwdriver to pull out the plug. When replacing, pull the center out, insert the outer part and then push the inner part back. you need to remove 2 screws that are in the door pull part - one has a small cover you need to remove. Use a screwdriver at the top and bottom of the window switch to pry it out and disconnect the power cord from the switch. Remove the trim around the door handle, by inserting a screwdriver at the pivot point above the handle to pop the trim off the handle,and then repeat below the pivot point as noted above. There are 3 pieces at the bottom of the door that are glued to the panel and hooked over plastic knobs inside the door. I pulled on the bottom of the door and accidentally broke those free from the panel - but used adhesive caulk to reglue when I replaced it. They were installed so you would have to pull the panel down to disengage, but the top requires pulling up - not sure how to do that right. Then pull the door panel up to free it from where it hangs over into the window opening at the top.

In addition on the power window. The motor for the power window might not be broken at all check the fuse under the steerin wheel. You would have to remove the panel under the steerin wheel. It has about 6 screws to it. All the screws are 10 mm socket, and 2 Philip screws. Remove the ashtray on the right and there are fuses behind that too. There you'll find the radio and clock fuses too. The power window and lock is the 30 amp fuse (pink) you can get that at any auto part store. Hope this help you out.

My 92 Camry had two windows go out because the cable that pulled the window up broke. A common occurrence, I've been told. That required replacing the power window motor assembly.