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How do you repair or change the electic fan of the radiator?

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Try the repair tips on the Autozone web site.

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How do you change the radiator fan on Toyota Previa 93?

remove the radiator, then remove 4 screws that holds the fan ,,done..

How do you change the radiator relay fan on a 91 plymonth acclaim?

fan control relay

Replace radiator fan on 98 ford contour?

Goto autozone .com and look in repair info

How do you replace the radiator in a 1993 Dodge Shadow?

not to bad to change. Drain radiator, remove both radiator hoses, overflow jug disconnect cooling fan canon plug. leave fan on radiator. I think there is 4 bolts that hold radiator in, remove and remove radiator.

How do you change radiator cooling fan in ford van?

Very carefully

Does a 2004 chrysler pt cruiser have a fan clutch?

No, the radiator fan is electric.No, the radiator fan is electric.

Electic radiator fan on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee will not shut off Is this a thermostat problem or a relay problem?

Relay. The relay is located under the bumper, under the passenger side headlight.

How do you repair the radiator fan module?

Try fixing it with your car engine or ask a mechanic to fix it for you, best of luck to you

How do you change the radiator in a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

drain radiator. remove upper and lower hoses from radiator. if automatic, disconnect tansmission cooler lines. remove fan shroud, or electric fan,whichever applies. unbolt radiator supports and remove radiator.

How do you remove 1996 Ford Mustang radiator fan from its radiator motor?

How to remover 1996 ford mustang radiator fan from the radiator motor

How do you change the radiator fan in a 85 Honda Prelude?

Unscrew the bolts that connect the fans 2 the radiator then unplug the plugs and it should come out..

How do you take off radiator fan on 1999 escalade?

Remove the wiring harness from the back of your 1999 Cadillac Escalade radiator fan motor. Remove the radiator fan motor retaining bolts. The radiator fan will come off.

Why radiator fan don't go on?

I check radiator fan, and relays and they are good, what can be a problem when my car reaches temperature to open termostat radiator fan does not work

How do you change a radiator fan on a 2001 Impala?

It depends if you get a motor only or the complete assembly. Disconnect the electrical connecter and remove the 4 retaining bolts and remove the fan assembly. Be careful not to hit the radiator.

Is a cooling fan relay and a radiator fan relay the same?

Yes. Cooling fan, engine fan, and radiator fan relays are all the same thing.

Where is the radiator fan fuse on a Skoda felicia?

The radiator coolant fan fuse can be found in the fuse box. The radiator fan fuse will be in the second column, fourth from the top.

What is the device that connects the fan to the radiator?

The radiator shroud.

How do you change a water pump on a 1996 Park Avenue?

Drain the radiator. Remove the pump belt, fan, and fan shroud. Unbolt the pump then remove it. Bolt the new pump on, and install the fan an shroud. Put the belt on and refill the radiator with fresh coolant.

How close should the cooling fans be to the radiator for effectiveness?

If it has a properly fitted fan shroud, it doesn't matter how close the fan blades are to the radiator. If there is no fan shroud the fan blades will have to be within a couple of inches of the radiator.

How do you take fan off a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee What size wrench do you need for the Fan?

For the radiator electric fan... Depends which fan you're talking about ? The heater fan or the radiator fan ?

How do you change the transmission cooling fan on Kubota BX24?

There are some discussions of this repair that can be accessed via the Fan page on

Why is your radiator fan smoking on your mustang?

The radiator fan may be smoking on your Mustang if there is a radiator leak. You will need to check the radiator to make sure there is enough water and fluid inside.

Your 1998 Jeep Cherokee is overheating immediately after turning it on what is it?

Check that there is power to the radiator fan(s) if so change the radiator fan motor, if not then check the fuse to the fan. If the fuse is good then go to the fan relay. It is going to be fan related since it happens right away after starting the truck or else there is a blown head gasket.

How do you change radiator and fan motor and fan on 1992 dodge stealth es?

I assume this readiator is in a non-turbo car. The fan units are attached to the radiator itself. Once you remove the whole radiator fans and all it will be much easier to work on. The radiator is held in place by two clamps at either top side of the unit. Remove feed and return hoses, and unplug two temp sensors at bottom of radiator. Remove trans cooler lines (if auto trans). The fan units are secured to the radiator by four screws.

How do you remove or replace radiator fan on a 1996 dodge intrepid?

Remove the radiator cover the connects to the frame. These are connected by 4 bolts.Unplug the radiator fan.Remove the top two clips that hold the radiator to the fan.Remove the bolts on the sides of the fan.An instructional video explaining how to remove a radiator fan from a 93-97 Dodge Intrepid has been included below.