How do you repair or replace sensors with fault codes p0105 p0130 p0150 p1445?

p0105 MAF sensor circuit

p0130 02 Circuit malfunction bank 1 Sensor 1

p0150 02 Circuit malfunction bank 2 sensor 1

p1445 not a generic code need vehicle info to gues

All these codes are faulty Circuit codes. So more likly a bad wire, fuse or computer than all the sensors.

Looking at the list I am going to make a guesses starting from most to least likely:

1stThere is a problem with a damaged or broken wiring harnes at the computer. Get a wiring diagram and prove the wiring is good on all the wires to all the sensors on the list

The ECM that runs all this stuff is bad.. Prove the sensors are not bad before replacing an expensive computer.

Next: All these sensors are faulty, crash or used parts or vandalized?