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First check fuse. Then check switch by test light with power on this will mean if there is power to the swtch if not check wiring. if there is power in the wire. then replace switch. Then check wires. By volt meter. If wire damage repair or re place wire.

A common problem with a Lincoln Towne Car is the gear inside the power window motor fails. The sound that it normally makes when this problem exists is "Zoom, Zoom, Zoom, etc." when the switch is used in both directions. The gear will need to be replaced.

Check the wire harness for cracks in between the door opening, with time it brakes from closing/opening doors

Pour rubbing alcohol on the switch. It cleans the shumtz out and sometimes works.

Nervous about using rubbing alcohol? Try some contact cleaner (check Radio Shack). It won't fog styrene plastics like alcohol will.

With the key -off- (no power), spray the cleaner into the switch (careful of splashing in the eyes) and work the switch a bunch of times.

For the shade tree mechanic there is a heat sensitive circuit breaker in the motor that fails more often than the motor. Jump it out and put an external self resetting 10a breaker in the motor line

A method that somtimes works when you have a bad conecction is slamming the door. It is useful for when you need to close the window eg so people cannot break into your car. Not exactly a long term solution though.

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Q: How do you repair power windows?
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