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Wet sanding with 400 grit sandpaper then going to a finer sandpaper works well. Polish it with polishing compound or a buffering compound made for plastics.

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What is the trouble with model 66 Remington 22 rifle with a nylon stock.?

What is it doing that you think is a problem? This is a gun with a long and successful run.

Is there a gun called an Apache?

Yes, Remington made a "Apache" model of the Nylon 66 .22 caliber rifle. It had a black nylon stock with a chrome plated barrel & receiver. It was a very nice looking rifle.

Do i have a scratched cornea?

No , but my dad did and it was because a Nerf brand gun bullet scratched it when he got shoot in the eye with the Nerf gun my brother got for Christmas .

Were can I get a stock for the TF11 airsoft gun?

the tf11 only comes with a stock or it doesnt. you can not buy an extra stock for the gun.

How do they choose which horse is to be scratched?

with a shot gun and the glue factory

How do you fix a colt bb gun?

I suggest the you contact an air gun repair shop to have it fixed. Try looking up "Air gun repair" on the web and have them repair it for you.

Where can you buy a gun stock for a crosman v-350?

The V-350 has not been made for years. I suggest you go online and look for "airgun repair" or go to the link below and use Crosman's air gun repair locater and find a shop that has parts.

How do you repair pellet gun?

Check the web for air gun repair and send it to a shop for repairs.

What you call a person how repair a gun?

a gun repairer

How do you fix the trigger on a BB gun?

It all depends on the model. I suggest the you contact an air gun repair shop to have it fixed. Try looking up "Air gun repair" on the web and have them repair it for you.

What is the value of a Remington Nylon 76 with brown stock and white diamond in 90 percent good condition?

The gun is worth $400 to $500 in that kind of shape. I have several and they are somewhat rare only about 22K made.

How bad is model 1900 if someone NOT ME put a permanent rubber recoil pad on the stock If it is a major problem would an original stock from an otherwise trashed gun an acceptable repair?

50 per cent reduction in value to a collector, no

Nylon 66 mag cap?

Want ads, gun shops, gun shows,, Brownell's, MidWay USA

What is the value of a Blue Grass shotgun and how do you repair its stock?

If it is a side hammer, damascus barreled Belgian import , you will probably have a dificult time finding the correct stock and the decorator value will be about the same if the stock can be neatly "repaired" with Elmer's Glue. If it is a boxlock with fluid steel barrels, it's probably a Crescent still valued as a shooter (if blessed by an experienced gunsmith) and a replacement stock could probably be obtained from the local 'smith or at a gun show. Replacing it should raise the value from $10 as a parts gun to $200+ as a field gun.

Where to get repair For Daisy 1200 BB gun?

Do a search online for "Air Gun repair." There are several independent shops that repair older air guns. SEE the Link Below.

What is a gun's stock and where is it located on the gun?

the stock is what you use to hold the weapon by.

Where can you purchase a stock for a Daisy BB Gun Model No 170?

I've gone through several air gun catalogues and have been unable to locate a Daisy model 170 bb gun that has ever been made. I did find a Daisy BB gun model 5170 and a BB rifle model 1170 along with a BB rifle model 107 but "NO" model 170. However I suggest you search the web for "Daisy Air gun Repair" or "Air gun repair" and locate someone near you who can help you.

Do you have cordura or ballistic nylon 600 d or better?

If you go to any Monaca gun shop you should be able to find out where to get 600D ballistic nylon Cordura.

What is difference between a trap gun and a field gun?

Mainly in the stock

If you open up a Nerf longstrike can you remove the stock?

you can but it is hard you have to take apart the gun and pull the stock up and close the gun

Where do you get a stock for a 1885 Winchester?

Estate sale, garage sale, gun shop, pawn shop, gun show, stock shop

Where can I find a gun Stock for a Herters Model U9 300mag bolt action rifle?

Try, gun shows, gun shops, custom stock makers.

Where can you find a gun butt stock for a Savage 220A gun?

Have you heard about the internet? Start with google Search for Savage 220 A stock then click

How do you put a spyder stock on a spyder paintball gun?

Disassemble the gun, and replace the back cap with the stock or take it to a paintball store, and ask them to.

What is the butt of a gun?

It is the end of the stock as opposed to the end of the barrel end of the gun

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