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open trunk pull back the lining of the trunk and the light bulbs are there to replace.. right on the back of the light, assembly

Alternate Answe:, if all three lights are not working, consider checking the brakelight switch near the brake pedal.

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Q: How do you repair tailights that do not work on a 1991 Lincoln Town Car when other lights do?
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Why wouldn't brake lights work if all other lights work in a 1995 jimmy?

Check bulbs they are double filamented smaller for brake lights larger for tailights Check fuses Check stop light switch

Will any other year tailights fit a 1989 beretta?

All tail lights from 1988-1996 Berettas are interchangeable. The design was never altered.

Which wire in the tail lights are for the brake lights?

Double filamented bulbs - smaller filament is for brake lights - larger is for tailights Get a test light and connect one end to ground and the other to either wire and see which works tail or stop

Why is one tail light on a 1995 Pontiac Trans Am brighter than the other Is it a common problem?

Bulb installed incorrectly? They are double filamented with the larger for the tailights and the smaller for stop lights Socket has a bad ground?

When did autos first have back up lights?

The first domestic (U.S.) built car I have seen with "back-up lights" was a 1958 Chevrolet Impala. The center light was white of the three "bullet" tailights. Other cars may have had them as "add ons" purchased at auto accessory stores

How to repair Toyota Avalon turning indicator repair?

What is the nature of the problem? e.g. one light doesn't flash. No lights flash. How many individual lights/bulbs does the vehicle have where you are having trouble? Are all other lights, stop, turn, tail, on that part of the vehicle working properly?

Why are my Tail lights not working on 1997 F350 All other lights are working fine?

In my 1995 F350 there is a 15 amp fuse in the fuse panel that if blown will not let you tail lights or marker lights work Check for bad bulb- they are double filamented with smaller being for tailights Check for corroded or bad sockets Check for open in wiring circuit Could be bad headlight switch

Warning lights for 2003 Lincoln navigator?

If your refering to the engine light been on. Auto Zone will check the codes for FREE. If other lights then we need more details...

Why would your dashboard lights and tailights and parking lights not work but your headlights and brake lights all work fine Fuses are all good and dimmer switch is ok as well?

Your non-working instrument panel lights, tailights, and parking lights have ONE thing in common, they are controlled by the same switch which controls the headlights. The working brake lights do not even figure in the analysis as they are on a totally different circuit from ALL of those other lights. The headlights, tailights, and parking lights ARE on the same circuit, AND are controlled by different sets of contact points inside of the "headlight" switch. Although there may be more, I can only think of three causes for the symptoms you describe. 1. A loose, or disconnected wire or harness involving the circuit for those lights. 2. Corroded contact points within a connector in that circuit. 3. A defect [probably overheated, "cooked"] in the contact points for those lights INSIDE the headlight switch. I suspect that 3 is the cause, but due to cost of a headlight switch, and the difficulty in changing it, it would be a good idea to check out 1 and 2 first, as those problems do not generally require the replacement of any parts, only disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. I suggest you eleminate numbers 1 and 2 first, then if that does not correct the problem, consider replacing the headlight switch.

How do you fix the tail lights and dash lights if all other lights are working on a 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis?

Answer- just replaced headlight switch on 1993 merc.grd.marq. took care of no tailights, no dash have a bad ignition switchOR, the wiring behind the headlight switch assembly might be bad, the harness can have warped or cracked and/or the wires may have come loose or otherwise lost their connection. Inspecting the wiring for the headlight switch would be the first step if it only occurs when you want the headlights or parking lights on, and the headlamps work but not the gauge cluster lights nor the tail lights, BUT, the brake lights still work.

How do you replace the dash lights in a 1994 Lincoln continental?

Assuming you mean the instrument cluster lights, consult this link: If you are referring to other lights (radio, switches, etc.) those are not serviceable. You have to replace the unit that's failing.

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You rewired your trailer and you have all of the lights but no brake lights?

Your trailer tailights are dual-filament, with one being the running lights and the other the brake lights. You need a separate power source from your towing vehicle's brake lights to power them. The easiest way to do this is go to U-Haul and but a set of their trailer towing taillight bulbs for your towing vehicle. The bulbs replace your standard tail/brake light bulbs, and they have two wires coming out of the base of the bulb. One of the wires connects to your trailer's running lights, and the other one connects to your trailer's brake light circuit. I'm trusting that when you re-wired your trailer, you ran two wires from the taillight socket, one for the running lights and one for the brake lights. In some trailers, the brake light circuit also doubles as your turn signals. Good Luck.

Why won't the interior lights shut off in my 2004 Lincoln navigator?

other than you doing that your self from the dash, its probably your door switch that has gone bad, or the trunk

Why does the low beam headlights of my 1990 Lincoln Town Car not come on?

Try looking at the low beam fuse it may be blown. If no other lights come on it could be the switch.

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How do you repair tailights that do not work on a 1996 Toyota Camry SE when other lights including the turn signal do work?

Check the fuses. Do the front running lights work? Got dash lights? How about an aftermarket radio? The problem is your light failure sensor. It's located in the trunk on the drivers side. Toyota is proud of the part too. I paid $180 for it. Good luck! My 92 Camry V6 did the same thing. Pull the failure sensor out, open the cover and inspect for damages. If nothing is burned, check the solder joints. If solder joint is burned - most likely on the jumpers - clean the burnt parts and re-solder them or create a solder bridge between the jumpers. If any parts are burned - except the integrated or digital circuit - you can replace them. The other parts usually consist of capacitors and resistors.

Why Suddenly your tail lights went out on your 1999 Lincoln town car and All other lights working?

Have you checked the fuses? This is more than likely the problem. Car off, pull out fuses, one by one. If link is broken inside the fuse, replace that size fuse.

What is the problem on a 1987 Lincoln Town Car when the tail lights do not work while driving at night to be seen by other drivers but they work when you use the brakes turn signals and hazard lights?

Did you check for a fuse that says TAIL LIGHTS? The bulbs have 2 different filaments in them, one for just lighting the tail lights and the other filament is only used when braking, turn signal and flasher. There are 2 separate circuits. Look in your fuse box and see if you have a fuse for tail lights and see if it is blown. Although it looks like the same light, andin fact is the same bulb but with two different fillaments, the brake lights, signals and hazzards are on a different circuit than the tail lights, clearance lights and dash lights.

Where is the fuse box for a 2001 Suzuki XL7 and which fuse is for the fog lights?

for the tail lights all the other lights are working blanking lights brake lights and reverse lights but no tail lights on both side

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