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How do you repair the coolig fan on a Saturn?

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Don't try to repair. Replace...This item is critical to engine life. At least get used from salvageyard.

2006-12-31 17:41:13
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Who repairs Saturn vehicles now?

Any General Motors dealership can repair your Saturn.

Saturn Sunroof repair and parts?

how to remove a sunroof in a 1998 Saturn 4 door sedan

Is the radiator fan on a 2001 Saturn sl1 a push or pull fan?


Where is the ac fan fuse on 1994 Saturn?

the AC fan fuse and or relay should be located under the hood on the fender weld or on firewall you may have to refer to owner manaul to find out which on or get a repair manaul for a 1994 Saturn from your local auto parts store to find out which one is the correct one and how to check it to make sure it is the right one and to see if it is bad or not. repair manuals are a good thing to have will tell you step by step on how to check and fix

Exhaust Fan?

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Where is the location of the fan switch for a 1997 Saturn?

There is no radiator fan switch on the s-series.

How do you repair a 1996 Saturn head gasket?

The only repair for a blown head gasket is to replace the gasket.

How do you replace the horn on a 2007 Saturn vue?

repair horn

How do you repair the AC fan on a car?

Replace it

How do you repair egr valve on 2001 Saturn sl2?

You clean or replace it.

Is there a Saturn dealership in Oklahoma City that also has a repair center?

The Bob Moore Dealership in Oklahoma City is a Saturn dealer and they have a collision and repair center. They also have other departments such as parts and service, and financing.

The fan only start when oly turn on ac Saturn?

Check the thermal relay for the cooling fan.

If the engine coolant sensor andconnector were replaced on a 1999 Saturn sl1 why is the fan motor not working?

bad fan or bad fan relay

How do you repair or change the electic fan of the radiator?

Try the repair tips on the Autozone web site.

Were is the cooling fan relay on a 1993 Saturn?

What model is the Saturn and what size engine . If not sure leave me 17 digit vin

How do you access the fan of your 2000 Saturn SW1?

Fan can be accesed from under hood. Its located in between the radiator and the engine.

Where is the fan relay for a 2003 Saturn L200?

There is a fuse box under the hood, next to the battery. The fan relay is in there.

How much does it cost to repair the head gasket on Saturn sl?


Is there a 3 day coolig period for reducing the size of a car loan on a signed contract?

No, the contract you signed is binding.

Where should someone repair their Saturn SUV?

Someone who owns a Saturn SUV should take their vehicle when it is need of repairing to either a dealership which sells Saturn vehicles and has a repair garage. Also one could take it to a mechanic that knows how to work on Saturn vehicles and is able to tell the owner what repairs need to be fixed and knows how to fix the repairs as well.

Why does the fan motor on Saturn L's turn off?

Thermocouple switch

Why won't my fan in my car work?

2000 Saturn l series

Where is the cooling fan relay on a Saturn?

Check the underhood fuse box.

What is thr Repair cost for a head gasket 97 Saturn?

It depends on what model you have for the 97 saturn. Look online at several places to compare prices.

Easy tips how to repair electric fan?

In order to assist you with this problem, we will need to know more about what is wrong with the fan and which type of fan we are dealing with.