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  • The purpose of a fuse in any circuit is to "blow out" if there is electrical current flow through the circuit which is too large for the size of wire in the circuit, and in blowing, protect the wire from overheating, damage, and prevent the possibility of fire. Obviously, if each of the replacement fuses blow, there is a very massive short ciruit in that circuit. The "fix" is to first locate the short circuit, then remove and repair the short, and THEN replace the fuse.j3h.
  • Take it to the garage as you have to find out where the wire is shorted out.
  • Actually before you do that. If you have a After market Cd player take it out and re wire and tape it. I had the same problem but my fuse would pop when i turned on the lights and my tail lights didnt work either, some ppl wanted me to pay like 50 bucks an hour to find the short but id check the Cd player 1st
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Q: How do you repair the instrument panel lights and running lights on a 1994 Acura Integra when the fuse keeps blowing when you replace it?
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