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On a 1995 Toyota Corolla ( yes ) it had power steering

You can refill your 1986 Toyota Corolla power steering fluid through the power steering reservoir. The power steering reservoir will be on the left-hand side of the engine.

According to my handbook for my 2003 corolla the power steering is assisted by an electric motor and there is no fluid used.

That Depends on what color its is.

Yes it does. First year. 2010 did not.

No transmission oil tank. NZE121 is EPS technology. Electronic power steering.

I would assume it has something to do with your power steering.

you look where the seatbelt touches the ceiling and pull it down

disconnect the hoses take out the screws and ur there ..that easy

Important to refer to your vehicle manual, what kind of power steering fluid need to use this model.

The new Electric power steering is on the shaft of the steering wheel. Many folks have problems with the steering going out of control. If you're one please report it to the saftercars dot gov

Dexron II is the recommended fluid for this model.

Automatic Transmission fluid Dextron II or III

The power steering pump pulley nut is loose. Or the power steering pump bearing is bad. On my 1998 it was just the loose nut.

I have neever seen or heard of a vacuum line coming out of a power steering pump, are you sure that's the PS pump? And are you sure that's a vacuum line? You can check the vacuum diagram, there may be a sticker somewhere under the hood and there should be one in your repair manual. Pre 98 Toyota corolla power steering pumps have two vacuum lines that attach to the intake manifold and the throttle body, I'm not sure what their function is though.

Type of fluid should be on the oil filler cap. Probably one of the ATF fluids.

How do you replace the power steering pump for a 1987 Toyota Supra?

If your power steering pump makes a whining noise as you turn your steering wheel your power steering fluid reservoir is probably empty. The noise is caused when your power steering pump tries to pump fluid that is not there. This indicates that you probably have a leak somewhere in your power steering fluid lines. You can either try to find the leak or simply replace the power steering fluid every so often.

coolant, motor oil, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid?

The fuses in a Toyota Corolla 2000 are for various components of the car. For instance, the fuses power the windshield wipers, the radio, the power windows, and the power seats.

Power steering fluid is what allow a driver to have full control of a hydraulic steering system. The proper power steering fluid used in a Toyota Camry DOT 3.

A wiring diagram for the 1997 Toyota Corolla power side mirror can be purchased at major auto parts stores. A Haynes manual for the Corolla will have a diagram in it.

The power of the engine on the 1972 Toyota Corolla wagon is 4,200 rpm. The maximum speed is 68 mph.

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