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Do any of the standard lift chairs also recline?

The infinite position lift chair reclines completely flat if wanted. This style is also called the Trendelenburg.

What is the opposite of recline?

The opposite action of recline (lay back) would be to sit up.The opposite action of recline (lay down) would be to stand.The opposite position of reclined could be upright.

How do you put rear seat back into position on a Nissan Murano?

Push it back. to Recline it pull the strap by the door.

Give you a sentence using Recline?

The chair was able to recline, which was a nice feature. His bad back meant a seat that could recline would be better for him.

What is the root word in the word reclined?

recline.Recline is a verb and reclined is the past form.

Which office chair has the best recline?

If you're into reclining at work (or home). I'd go with the Power Rest Executive Recline chair. Its pretty expensive, but man does it recline! sell them.

What rhymes with decline?


What is the root for reclined?


How do you adjust tension on lazy boy chairs to make them harder to recline?

I have adjusted the tension wing nuts to the maximum position and it still reclines to easy what else can I do

How do you recline the rear seats in the 2004 infinity G35?

LATCH TO RELEASE THE REAR SEATS IS LOCATED IN THE TRUNK. The lever to recline the seats are in front of the seat belt latches on the seats. You just pull them up and your seats recline

What is the opposite word for stand?


Can you find adjective of recline?


What is the root word in reclining?


What is the definition of recline?

To lay back.

What is a word with cline in it?


What does recline mean?

To learn or lie back.

Is there a walk in bath tub that you can recline in? has them

Why do you keep your seat in upright position when an airplane takes off?

Title 14 of the Federal Code of Regulations, specifically 14CFR121, Subpart K, § 121.311(e) prohibits the airplane from taking off as long as each seat is not in the upright position. There is discussion in § 121.310 and Subpart T § 121.577, that the purpose of maintaining the seat in the upright position is to maintain mobility in order to allow passengers to reach the aisles in emergency situations. This writer feels that given the fact that seatbacks recline only a few inches, this matter is a moot point.

Words that start with re and end in ine?


3 letter word for place to recline?


What is the past tense of recline?

The past tense is reclined.

What are words that have the root word clin?

decline, recline

What is the closest antonym for emerge?

Recline or retreat

What words have the root clin?

decline, aclinic, inclination, recline

Do the rear seats in a 2004 ford explorer recline?