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Speedometers have to be repaired by an authorized repair shop.

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Q: How do you repair the speedometer on a 1982 Toyota Supra?
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Is a 1982 Toyota Celica Supra a good car?


1982 Toyota supra why does it clunk when i turn right fast?

check your front suspension spring

Where is the carburetor on 1982 Toyota supra?

behind the fan to the back right side aprroximately 2 feet under the alternator of the supra is all stock

Where is the fifth speaker located in the 1982 Toyota Supra Celica?

The fifth speaker is in the dash near the center console

What year was the Toyota Supra Turbo first introduced?

The Toyota Celica Supra Turbo was first introduced in 1982 in Japan. Toyota dropped the Celica part of the name in 1986. The original version pulled 145 hp and a more powerful version with 160 hp was introduced the following year.

I want to get rid of the computer in my 1984 supra by using the distributor and igniter from a 1982 supra and go to carburetor will this work?

you will have to make considerable mods use the intake from the 1982 supra alot of times you don't have to change the distributor or the igniter. if you find a 82 supra your bes bet is to buy the whole car

Where are the fuses located on a 1982 Toyota supra?

Inside on the left panel where your left foot is when driving. A second set of fuses are under the hood and clearly labeled on the black plastic cover.

Why would a speedometer not work on a 1982 Toyota Corolla after having a recon transmission installed?

Most speedometers are run off of the transmission. Something was not correctly put together.

Can Benz 1982 transmission 300d Speedometer mechanical - electrical?

I have an 82 300sd and the speedometer is electrical

1982 Toyota pin connections to alternator?

1982 Toyota pin-out connections to alternator?

How do you change 1982 Toyota supra windshield wipers?

If you have Toyota wipers now, the easiest way is to just replace the rubber inserts (refills). The Toyota PN are A450 and A350... since they are different lengths (common for 82-85 Supras and a few other Toyota models). The insert just slides in the esixting wiper frame. Hope this helps

1982 Toyota PU timing belt or chain?

1982 Toyota PU timing belt or chain

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