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How do you repair the temperature control switch on a 1985 F-150 300L 6-cylinder It blows on vent floor-ventmix but NO defrost at all?


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the haynes fiero repair manual # 79008 electrical diagram on page 296 shows two small motors that control the flaps which direct air flow to the floor or defrost to the windshield or to the face vents for aircon. my problem is the air only blows to the windshield defrost. All the push buttons work properly and switch voltage to the different wires on the connector, So I suspect the one of the diversion flaps is stuck, or the small flap motor is bad. however the tear down page 126 does not show the 2 flap motors on the ac/heater/blower housing or any detail were they connect to the flap control levers. I think this looks like a major problem to get to these flaps and I just may cut a hole in the bottom of the blower housing to manualy move the flaps by hand to free them up rather than removing the center console and having to remove this large blower housing from under the dash board which connects to hot water heater hoses through the firewall and also the refrigerant R12 hoses through the firewall. Then I will make a plastic cover plate to cover the hole after I free up or move the flaps. I wish I had a professional mechanics drawing for this blower housing unit that would properly show all the parts, which I could print out on my 11x17 printer. wish me luck and I hope this info helps you. From: I hope this helps you


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sounds like a vacum leak in the temperature control panel or from the engine to the control panel, the line from the engine to the control panel is black, and gets split at the panel, has the engine been running a little rough or a lack of power, this might explain it

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