How do you replace 80 amp fuse on 98 frontier?

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go to your fuse box and take out the fuse if you dont have a tool it might give you hell but make sure you know what your doing do you dont mess it up the insert new fuse
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How do you replace alternator on 98 frontier?

raise hood and then jerk out your pistol ,take a general aim and then calmly empty the clip into that piece of turd. i have one myself and all i do is work on the junky mother

Can a 20 amp fuse replace a 30 amp fuse?

It is possible to use a smaller fuse in some circuits. However if a device connected to the circuit needs more than 20 amps to start up or to operate, the fuse will open.

Can a 40 amp fuse replace a 30 amp fuse?

Using "Oversized" Fuses is VERY DANGEROUS! Although it is sometimes possible to fit a 40 Amp fuse into the "holder" for a 30 Amp fuse, this practice is VERY DANGEROUS and can

Can a 30 amp fuse replace a 20 amp fuse?

NO!!!! The fuse is your safety device. Never replace a smaller fuse with a larger fuse. Another answer People who have done that in the past have burned down their homes.

Can you replace a 2 amp fuse with a 10 amp fuse?

It is not recommended. The design of the equipment called for the 2 amp fuse. To up size it to a larger fuse is taking the equipment out of its manufactured specification. Thi

CAn you replace a 13 amp fuse with 15 amp fuse?

It will work but will not protect the circuit as it should. By design, the circuit should have a maximum of 13 amps, but with the larger fuse in place, currents of 14 and 15 a

Can you replace a 20 amp fuse with a 15 amp fuse?

Yes you can. It will provide better protection because it will blow quicker than a 20 amp if there is a fault in the circuit. Not advisable. If the normal current is little mo

Can a 45 amp fuse replace a 40 amp fuse?

This is not a good idea to do. Sometimes just that little bit of extra current that the 45 amp fuse will allow to reach the 40 amp load might be enough to destroy the device.

How do you replace a fuse in a tube amp?

The amp will have probably a mains fuse on the power input circuitand other fuses on the dc power supplies to the circuits. Theremight also be fuses on the audio output circui

Can you replace 1 amp fuse with a 5 amp fuse?

No, the one amp fuse is the recommendation of the manufacturer of the circuit. By replacing it with a fuse five times larger will default the warranty placed on the equipment

Can you replace a 2.5 amp fuse with a 6 amp fuse?

No, the circuit is designed to operate with a 2.5 amp fuse in the circuit. By placing a larger fuse than recommended, serious damage could be done to other components that are