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How do you replace a 1997 Ford Escort serpentine belt?


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I finally went to the Ford parts department and they provided me with the diagram to replace the belt. Thanks anyway.


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1997 escort tranny's are a breed of their own you must replace it with a 1997 transmission.

It will cost approximately $450 to replace the clutch in your 1997 Ford Escort. The clutch will cost approximately $200 and require four hours of labor to install.

These belts are not repairable. When worn, replace with a new one.

Check Chilton's Ford Escort/Tracer 1991-99 Repair Manual.

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Remove serpentine belt. Remove pulley. Install new pulley. Install serpentine belt.

To help answer your question, give the year of the car, and model. eg. Wagon, Hatchback, 2dr 4dr... and i will give you an answer :P 1997 Ford Escort 4dr

No. The 97 is a third generation escort and the 96 is a second generation escort.

Remove the neg battery cable, then the belt.Then the wiring and mounting bolts,

google this. ford-autobestanswer. you will find the diagram picture.

Remove your idler pulley first. it is the pulley right next to the alternator.

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