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How do you replace a CO2 sensor in a Ford F-150?

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2005-09-02 19:18:33

The CO2 sensor is located between the exhaust manifold and the

catalitic converter. Use a good amount of wd 40 or similar product

to loosen the sensor from it's location on the exhuaust. You can by

a special wrench as the nut on the sensor is larger than 5/8 or

18mm. I used a large vise grip and took my time. Unhook the wire

harness connecting the sensor using care not to break the plug.

Carefully loosen the sensor. Unpack the sensor cost less than $50.

place into position making sure the sensor seats with going in

crooked. Mine was at an angle and it took several attempts. Plug in

the sensor make sure the wires are clear of the exhaust, unhook

your negative on your battery for several seconds to reset the

computer and you should be good to go. PS: The sensor for the F150

comes with two different wire lengths. They are identical except

for that. When in doubt by the 13" length and tie back any


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