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any information on 87 Honda accord with the clutch/

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Q: How do you replace a clutch pedal in a 87 Honda Accord?
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How do you install the clutch assist spring on the pedal for a 1993 Honda Accord?

How do you install a cluch pedal spring on a 93 honda accord

Where is the 1995 accord clutch pedal switch?

A 1995 Honda Accord clutch pedal switch is located directly under the clutch pedal. This switch stops the car from starting with depressing the clutch. This helps avoid accidents.

Why does your clutch pedal stay down on your 1987 Honda Accord?

Broken clutch fork, or other parts.

How do you change the Brake pedal switch on a Honda Accord EX?

The brake pedal switch is bad. How do I replace it?

Why is the clutch pedal of your 1987 Honda Accord so heavy?

Low of hydraulic fluid. Check the reservoir.

Why is my clutch pedal stiff on 1999 accord?

There could be a few reasons why a clutch pedal is stiff on a 1999 Accord. The clutch may be low on fluid or the clutch may need to be replaced.

Why would you have to pump your clutch pedal several times to get the clutch to work on a 1997 Honda accord?

you could be low on clutch fluid, air in the lines if a small leak in the lines or your clutch is going bad

How to replace a master cylinder on a 1994 Honda Accord?

answerremove 2 bolts and a cotter pin in the pedal,remove reservoir,unscrew fluid pipe,install new one,bleed clutch very well

What could be wrong with your 1997 Honda Accord if it wont turn over when you turn the keys although it was fine just a day ago you checked the battery and the battery is fine?

Clutch pedal switch or deteriated clutch pedal switch pad.

How do you replace clutch pedal plastic clip on vauxhall corsa?

You need to replace to whole Pedal

1994 Honda accord Brake Pedal Is Soft?

Yes, sometimes it is.

Where is the fuse to fixing brake lights on 1990 Honda Accord?

On my 1991 Accord it is on the wall to the left of the clutch pedal. Just turn the knob and pull off the cover. A chart showing which one is which is on the inside of the cover.

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