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You need to cut the old pins in half and use a punch and hammer to remove them and the bushings. GOOD LUCK! I'm doing this tomorrow on my 93 Stang. I'll take pics and post them for you.

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โˆ™ 2008-08-22 22:27:51
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Q: How do you replace a door hinge pin on a 1993 mustang?
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How do you replace door hinge bushings on a 1993 Nissan Sentra?

Have to remove the door, then remove pins and bushings

Replace door hinge 1989 Mitsubishi Triton?

need to replace door hinge pin on 189 mitsibushi Triton tray back

Can you replace top door hinge with bottom hinge on 1992 ford explorer?

You can replace the top door hinge with bottom hinges on the 1992 as long as the hinge is for the cab doors. The hinges for the tailgate would not work on the doors.

How do you replace door hinge pins on a 1993 Mercury Cougar?

Hold the end of the door with a jack, grind the head from the old pin, knock out the old pin, remove the door half of the hinge, drill out the hinge to accept the new bushings, install the new bushings, re-bolt the hinge to the door, finally, insert the new pin and install the C clip

How to replace door hinge pins on 2002 blazer?

How do you change a bad door hinge on a 1957 Thunderbird?

jack the door up on the end of it and unbolt the hinge and replace with the new one.

How do you adjust a door on a Chrysler LeBaron?

you might need to replace the hinge pins.. or the complete hinge

How do you replace a 96 thunderbird driver side door bottom hinge pin?

You have to replace the whole hinge assembly, they don't make a hinge pin kit for the Thunderbird.

How do you fix a sprung car door?

To fix a car door that is sprung due to a bent or damaged hinge, the best thing to do is replace the hinge. If the hinge is welded and not bolted to the vehicle, the entire door will have to be replaced.

How do you replace the door hinge pins on a 1997 Jimmy?

To replace the door hinge pins on a 1997 Jimmy you will need to open the door up. Place two jack stands on the front and back of the door's length at the bottom portion of the door for support. Remove the damaged hinge pin with the proper socket. Place the new hinge pin in place and secure it.

How do you replace hinge pins on 2003 avalanche?

need to replace door hindge pins and bushing,how do we get door off safely.

Does the door hinge adjust where the hinge is attached to the hinge post?

door hinges attached to door and hinge post

Will a 1987-1993 Ford Mustang door fit a 1985-1986 mustang?

No, it will not.

How do you replace a door hinge pin in a 1997 grand marquis?

I wouldn't mess with the pin, the door hinge can have a washer/spacer placed under it and bring the door back in alighnment. I have new hinge pins available if you really want to change them.

How do you change the door hinge pins in a 1999 GMC sierra?

My advice based on experience is to replace the entire hinge assembly.

How do you tighten the door on a 94 Ford Crown Victoria?

You can't. Have to replace the hinge.

How do you align 2004 Chevy Blazer door?

Replace the hinge pins and bushings.

How do you replace 98 mustang door window?

Take it into a shop

How do you repair door hinge on 2001 Sunfire?

Most problems with an automobile door hinge is worn out bushings. There is a small rubber bushing behind the adjustment bolts. Replace the bushings.

How do you replace or fix the outside door handles on a 1993 Mustang?

the out side door handle is held on by two rivits they need to be drilled out and a 3/8 bolt and nut will replace the rivit of course the inter door panel will need to be removed to access the rivits did my right door last week

How do replace the door spring on a 2003 Chevy s 10?

Your local auto parts store can sell you an inexpensive tool to remove and replace that door detente spring. Other hinge parts such as the pin and roller for the door detente and hinge pins and bushings are also available.

How do you replace the door hinge pins and bushings on a 1995 chev silverado?

you take it to a shop

How do you replace door hinge pin bushings on a 1999 GMC sierra?

I have a 1999 gmc 1500 sierra,need to replace door pins and bushings.door sagging.

How do you replace the door catch on a Volvo s70?

This link is titled "door hinge", but actually pertains to the catch-strap:

On a 1998 Holden VT Commodore Acclaim is it possible to replace or repair a broken door hinge on the drivers side?

Broken off the door or from main body? Main body- Prefabricate. Door- replace door.