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Both the driver side and passenger side mirrors are held to the exterior of the vehicle by three bolts that go into the interior of the door panel. This means that in order to replace the mirros you have to remove the interior door panel. Depending on the options that came with your vehicle it may help to have a trim pad removal tool. It costs a few bucks and you can find this handy universal tool at any auto supply store. Before you remove the door there are a few screws that have to be removed. One of them is behind the interior door handle and the other one is inside the armrest portion of the door. After those screws have been removed removing the door panel is basically using the trim pad removal tool to take off the window crank(if necessary), remove a few clips that are along the outer edge of the door, then pulling the door panel off. Once the door panel is removed you should see the three bolts that hold the side mirrors on.

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Q: How do you replace a driver side mirror on a 1997 Isuzu Hombre?
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