How do you replace a fuel filter on a 1987 Chevy Corsica?

(Licenced Technician)--Most of these older Corsicas (regardless of engine size) have the fuel filter mounted in a bracket that's bolted to the body. Look under the rear of the car - it's about 12" above the fuel tank. These older Corsicas have two threaded fuel line fittings on the filter. You have to unscrew the threaded fittings from each end of the filter, then install the new filter and tighten the fittings tightly enough so they don't leak, but not so tight as to damage the fittings. You will likely need a selection of open end wrenches and maybe a ratchet with a socket if you need to remove the filter bracket. If you live somewhere that a lot of salt is put on the roads in the winter, lots of penetrating oil may be needed.

On a 20-year old car, the best rule is; if the line fittings don't want to loosen off, DON'T FORCE THEM - the line could kink or break, or at the very least, the fittings could round off. .