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Hubless design:

Raise car, remove wheel, remove caliper, remove brake pad holder, remove rotor.

Hub/rotor assembly:

Raise car, remove wheel, remove caliper, remove brake pad holder, remove axle

nut and cotter pin, remove outer wheel bearing, remove hub/rotor assembly,

separate rotor from hub assembly.

Re-pack wheel bearings with grease upon reassembly.

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Q: How do you replace a rotor for a 97 Subaru Legacy?
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It has a 10 gallon tank with a 2 gallon reserve. I own a 97 subaru legacy with a 2.5 turbo and that's what mine holds10 gallon so I bet yours does too

How do you replace the engine coolant temperature sensor on 1997 subaru legacy?

You could look here: page shows the coolant sensor and how to replace it.'95 Subbie and '97 should be similar.

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the red one

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check this link, it did helped me get info on my 97 subaru outback. cheers!

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replace the plugs,wires,distributor cap,rotor and air filter.

What type of coolant does a 97 Subaru legacy have?

Genuine Subaru Coolant or equivalent (50% water & 50% Ethylene-Glycol basis coolant) as per page 10-13 of the "OWNER'S MANUAL".....

Were is the air control valve on a 96 Subaru legacy?

i have a 97 legacy 2ltr twin turbo and the air control valve on that is to the front of the inlet manifold in the very centre with a vaccum pipe going on to the top of it. the part from my local subaru dealer is 312 euro. hope this helps

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Trouble code P0066 Means: Air Assisted Injector Control Circuit or Circuit Low

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15.9 Gallons. More info. at:

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Its on the left hand side of the the car, and in the engine compartment. Located right next to the strut tower! Two clamps and a latch and its done!

What make 97 Tahoe backfire an not start when it rain?

You need to replace the Distributor cap and rotor. Could have a bad coil are coil wire too.

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