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The starter is located on the rear side of the engine, parallel to the axle, and underneath the intake manifold. Your only access is from underneath and so you first need to raise the vehicle onto jack stands. Remove the ground wire from the battery terminal. From underneath the vehicle, disconnect the two positive power connections to the starter. Then unbolt the intake manifold stay, a U-shaped steel brace that bolts to the underside of the intake manifold. Remove the manifold. Once it is removed, the next step is to remove the two mounting bolts connecting the starter to the engine. On a manual transmission, access to the two bolts heads is from above. You'll need to remove the air cleaner hose and most likely the air cleaner box in order to access those two bolt heads. I've been told, but have not confirmed, that these two bolt heads are oriented 180 degrees in vehicles with automatic transmissions - in which case they can be loosened from underneath the vehicle. Once you have loosened these bolts, you can remove the starter from underneath the vehicle. Replacement is, of course, the exact opposite. If you have a manual transmission, you need a second person to tighten the bolt heads from above while you are underneath holding the replaced starter in position. The two most difficult elements of this job are finding the starter location and working with the tight access. Access for this work is rather challenging - the higher you can raise the vehicle, the easier the job will be. A few words on replacing or rebuilding your starter: The solenoid (magnetic switch) is connected to the starter motor. The starter and solenoid assembly is relatively easy to diagnose from a service/repair manual. If the solenoid is functioning properly, the starter motor itself is quite serviceable. After time, the copper commutator plates of the motor will oxidize and exhibit an almost lacquered sheen from arcing and brush wear that inhibits electrical connectivity between the brushes and the commutator plates. It is very easy to lightly sand the commutators and/or replace the brushes if they are worn, relubricate the motor bearings, and return your starter into service if there are no other wiring deficiencies. In my case I was able to disassemble the motor, sand the commutator plates, relubricate the bearings, and reassemble the motor in about the same time it would have taken me to drive to the auto parts store.

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Q: How do you replace a starter on a 1993 Toyota Paseo?
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