How do you replace a tail light lens in a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan?

If replacing the lens on the left (driver's side, US) you first open the door to the CD changer compartment at which point you will see the tail-light wire harness and bezel assembly. Squeeze the two tabs that fasten the bulb assembly to release it from the lens assembly. Once removed you can unplug the bulb assembly from the wire harness to give yourself seme room to work. There are three nuts (I believe they are 8mm) that fasten the light assembly to the sheet metal. Remove two of them (be careful not to drop them or they are gone forever) and loosen the third. Remove the last nut with one hand while holding the tail light assembly on the outside so it does not fall and hit the ground. Once the last nut is removed you can slide the light assembly out of the cavity. Replacing is reverse of above, right side is the same except the CD compartment is not in the way.