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Well the best way to replace the glass is to run a hook or a flat screwdriver carefully around the entire glass inside and out to losen the rubber. After that if the glass your removing is shot lay a heavy quilt or moving blanket over the hood and get inside and with both feet push it out..You may want to wear safety glasses and leg protection in case your foot goes through..Then check your rubber and make sure it is still soft if not GET A NEW ONE.. or you will break your new glass. Put the rubber onto the new glass all the way around clean the pinchweld on the truck and lube the rubber and pinch weld with something that will wash off with water like dishsoap or KY jelly put a small rope in the rubber where the pinchweld goes starting at the bottom going all the way around and ending at the bottom. Set the glass and rubber in the truck and get the bottom started on the pinchweld and have a buddy outside applying firm but gentle even pressure. and start pulling one end of the ropeand have your buddy follow you all the way around. With the right amount of pressure and pulling the rope you should see the rubber lapping over the pinchweld as you pull its called ropping a glass in..when you get to about the middle of the top of the glass start pulling the other end of the rope and meet at the top.. If you done it right presto its in.. if you run into a problem before you get to the top of the glass gently push it back out and start again. Dont bind the glass or you'll be buying another glass..If in doubt have a glass shop put it in..I should know i been doing glass for about 10 years now..ASG master tech..

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Q: How do you replace a windshield on a 1990 model Toyota 2wd Its the rubber gasket type not glue in?
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Do you have to change the windshield to replace the damaged rubber moulding on a 97 Lincoln town car?

The windshield must be removed in order to repair/replace the damaged rubber moulding. If the glass is chipped or pitted, now would be a good time to replace it.

How do you replace rubber gasket for Nissan altima 1997?

you go to a Machanic.

Should you replace a rubber seal on a front windshield when changing the windscreen?


How do you repair a leaky hydraulic cylinder on a Century Flexmaster 2?

You can replace the rubber gasket.

How do you remove the windshield on 1950 dodge coronet?

Cut the old rubber gasket with a razor knife. New gaskets are still available.

How can pneumatic system trobleshoot?

Replace the rubber gasket. Inspection of air valves. Compressor control.

How do you change 1982 Toyota supra windshield wipers?

If you have Toyota wipers now, the easiest way is to just replace the rubber inserts (refills). The Toyota PN are A450 and A350... since they are different lengths (common for 82-85 Supras and a few other Toyota models). The insert just slides in the esixting wiper frame. Hope this helps

When changing transmission filt do you need to use gasket sealer on gasket?

replace corke with new and install dry if it is the rubber reusable just wipe off and reinstall

Oil leaking onto exhaust manifold Toyota Camry?

The oil leak is coming from the valve cover gasket and leaking onto the exhaust manifold, the rubber valve cover gaskets get hard from the engine heat and start to leak, you will have to replace the rubber valve cover gaskets to stop the oil leak

How is the Passenger window glass attached to the regulator on Toyota Highlander 2005?

It is pressure-fitted into a rubber gasket and held by a flexible mastic substance.

When you replace the thermostat in a 1996 Ford Explorer V6 do you need a separate gasket?

No , there is a rubber ring that goes around the edge of the thermostat

Why does Rain water leaks into my 1997 Toyota Camry?

Check the rubber gasket around the sun roof. If you do not have one, it's most likely the hose which is responsible to drain out condensed water from the A/C and rain water. The goes is going from the A/C radiator to the cars floor. Locate the hose and check it for cracks. Also you might want to check rubber gaskets around all doors, and windshield.

How do you replace dash lights on a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Do I need rubber like caps on new replaced bulbs in the dash

How do you replace the valve cover gasket on a 1991 Toyota MR2?

pull spark plugs after numbering plug wires unbolt anything atached to valve cover remove valve cover bolts gently pry cover loose from engine don't damage gasket surface sometimes you need to tap gently with rubber mallet to get cover to turn loose clean all surfaces replace gasket with a little sealant parts house will tell you witch kind to use then reverse process.

Do you need any type of glue when installing a gasket on a urinal?

No, you don't if the gasket is rubber.

How do you replace the windshield wiper arm on a 1993 Ford Escort?

Pull the rubber cap off of the arm where it meets the car, near the bottom of the windshield. Next get an appropriate sized socket wrench to fit the nut that is under the rubber cap. Take the nut off. Take old wiper arm off and replace with new one. Repeat above steps in reverse order.

How do you replace a windshield wiper fluid motor on a 2002 kia optima?

The windshield wiper fluid motor is located under the windshield fluid tank. You must remove the right front wheel well cover (plastic) to expose the bottom of the tank. Remove the rubber line and the electrical connection and pull the pump out. Check the rubber o-ring to make sure that it didn't tear.

Why HDPE pipe is not able for rubber ring joint?

HDPE pipe can use a rubber ring, if the rubber ring is properly sealed with a steel gasket. The rubber ring must be placed in a groove in the pipe and then the steel gasket is placed on top of it.

What is the rubber window moldings called on a 2004 Toyota sequoia?

They are called "belt molding". Don't know why and they ain't cheap to replace.

How do you remove the wiper arm from a Toyota Previa?

Unless the actual arm is broken, I would just replace the rubber. You can order it from Toyota, and its way cheaper than a whole wipe arm.

How do you repair a ripped rubber gasket on an espresso machine?

I would replace it. The store where you bought the machine may have spares, or you can find on-line sources for replacement gaskets -- especially if you have the old gasket to measure. Finally, you can find a sheet of rubber at a hardware store and cut your own, using the torn one as a pattern.

Why would the transmission not stop leaking fluid?

The pan gasket could be leaking ( tighten mounting bolts or replace gasket ) Filler pipe rubber seal , Transmission oil lines ( tighten , replace ) Speedometer connector ( replace o-ring ) Some makes have a transmission vent pipe ( transmission over filled ) Output shaft seal damaged (replace)

Why doe my 1991 Chevy S10 water leaks in cab?

You'll need to figure out where the water is coming from...the gasket around the windshield can fail, if you have a sunroof I'd start there, maybe the side windows rubber gasket or even the gasket around the doors. It all begins with where does it come from. BTW: If its green and under the glove box, I'd check the heater core.

When replacing the shock absorbers on a 1994 Toyota Camry is it necessary to install new stoppers rubber bumpers?

If they appear to be in good condition, then NO, do not replace them.

Is the intake gasket a common problum in the 99 blazer with a 4.3 motor?

Yes, the intake gasket is notorious for failing on S-10's around 100,000 miles. It should not cost more than $400 to replace. The original gasket is made with plastic and rubber, but the new problem solver kit fixes the gasket w/ a new gasket that is made of metal w/ rubber inserts. The water pump is also notorious for failing around 95,000 miles if that has not yet been a problem for you. Hope this helps.