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How do you replace a windshield on a 1990 model Toyota 2wd Its the rubber gasket type not glue in?

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September 12, 2011 8:48PM

Well the best way to replace the glass is to run a hook or a

flat screwdriver carefully around the entire glass inside and out

to losen the rubber. After that if the glass your removing is shot

lay a heavy quilt or moving blanket over the hood and get inside

and with both feet push it out..You may want to wear safety glasses

and leg protection in case your foot goes through..Then check your

rubber and make sure it is still soft if not GET A NEW ONE.. or you

will break your new glass. Put the rubber onto the new glass all

the way around clean the pinchweld on the truck and lube the rubber

and pinch weld with something that will wash off with water like

dishsoap or KY jelly put a small rope in the rubber where the

pinchweld goes starting at the bottom going all the way around and

ending at the bottom. Set the glass and rubber in the truck and get

the bottom started on the pinchweld and have a buddy outside

applying firm but gentle even pressure. and start pulling one end

of the ropeand have your buddy follow you all the way around. With

the right amount of pressure and pulling the rope you should see

the rubber lapping over the pinchweld as you pull its called

ropping a glass in..when you get to about the middle of the top of

the glass start pulling the other end of the rope and meet at the

top.. If you done it right presto its in.. if you run into a

problem before you get to the top of the glass gently push it back

out and start again. Dont bind the glass or you'll be buying

another glass..If in doubt have a glass shop put it in..I should

know i been doing glass for about 10 years now..ASG master


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