How do you replace cabin air filter for 2004 Lexus ls430?

This is an easy job. Open the glove box door. Push in the sides of the glove box bin until the stop pins are past the instrument panel opening and then, gently lower the glove box all the way down until pointing at the floor. If you look up and into the opening of the glove box , you will see the climate control evaporator housing. On it there is a door about 10 in. long and 2 in. high. Open this door and slide out the old cabin air filter. Then insert the new one carefully making sure that you have the "air flow direction" arrow pointing the same direction as the old one. After replacing the filter and putting the small cover back in place, gently lift the glove box back up and push it past its stops so it will stay in place properly when open. Now close the glove box door and your are finished and about $40 richer than going to the dealer for this job.