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Disclaimer: This is for a 1999 Ford F250 diesel superduty. I am not a mechanic. I don't work for Ford. If you follow this procedure you will void your warranty, your truck will probably careen off into the nearest gully, roll over, and explode, killing you and a baby rabbit who wasn't bothering anybody. In addition, your cat and dog will probably start living together.

Tools needed:

  • T27 torqs wrench
  • 7mm socket
  • 11mm socket
  • flat blade screwdriver (medium)
  • phiillips screwdriver (small/medium)
  • needle nose pliers

Before you start:

  • You are messing with the lock mechanism on your truck. It's likely you'll lock yourself out. TAKE THE KEYS OUT OF THE IGNITION AND PUT THEM IN YOUR POCKET!
  • You are messing with tools in tight places. Small children should be safely placed out of earshot.
  1. Next to the "A" (front) pillar there is a small piece of triangular trim. Pull straight out on it to remove it.
  2. Pull up on the panel in front of the arm rest and holds the window controls and door lock button. It should lift up and out but wires will still be attached.
  3. At the back of the hole left by the panel removed above, there is a 7mm bolt. Remove it.
  4. Locate the reflector at the bottom of the door towards the back. Find the slot in the front and use a flat blade screwdriver to pry it out; it should come out easily. In the hole left by the reflector, find the 7mm bolt and remove it.
  5. Lift straight up on the door panel. It should come out relatively easily. Remember the wires attached to the panel that you took out 3 steps ago? Thread that panel through the hole that it normally sits in. There is no need to unplug the wires from the controls.
  6. At the bottom back of the door there may be two plastic Phillips head screws holding on a piece of trim. Remove them and the grommets along with the trim they hold in. The trim will still be attached by one final bolt at the bottom, leave it.
  7. Peel back the back half liner on the door. It is glued on. You may need to tear it around the door lock. You don't need to take the whole liner off.
  8. Reach inside the door panel and remove the wire going from the latch up to the door handle by pulling the white plastic latch towards you. It will hinge out and release the threaded rod.
  9. Using a flat bladed screwdriver remove the other rod that goes from the latch up to the door lock. You can spread the pieces of plastic it is wedged into just enough to get it out.
  10. Flip the locking plastic piece that goes over the rod that comes from the manual door lock and pull that rod out of its holder.
  11. Remove the 3 screws holding the latch on using a T-27 torqs wrench.
  12. Remove the bolt holding the bottom of the window slide using an 11mm socket.
  13. Slide the latch to the front of the door. There will still be a few wires and 1 cable attached.
  14. Look at your new actuator and you'll see how it locks in. Hold that locking piece up with a flat bladed screwdriver and slide the actuator out.
  15. When you put the new one in be sure it lines up with the lock mechanism. The moving arm has a piece sticking out that has to line up with the latch.
  16. Put the latch back in, using the same cuss words you did when you took it out.
  17. Put everything back together!
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Q: How do you replace ford superduty door lock actuator. Same question for door lock actuator for 11989 Windsdtar.?
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