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How do you pull the wheel bearing assembly out from hub far enough to squeeze new lug nuts into place? The car is a 1999 Monte Carlo Z34.

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How do you replace wheel studs on a 95 Chevy s-10?

I belive they are the knock out type take off wheel and drum heat studs on the back hit from front. to replace put new studs in and put back on tires.

Why would water be collecting in the door and floor of your 2001 Monte Carlo?

well either your heater core is bad or your outer window door seal is leaking . i had the same problem on my Monte Carlo and i had to remove 1 of the studs that hold on the weather striping on the lower part of the door so it could drain .

How do you get the rotors off 1995 Chevy 3500?

Unbolt hub and press out wheel studs, clean hub face, replace rotor and press wheel studs back through, remount hub

How do you replace the wheel lug studs on a 1995 Ford Escort lx?

You have to have the hub pressed out of the knuckle to replace the wheel studs.

To replace two rocker studs on your 67 Chevy c 10 350 can you replace the two pressed in studs with screw in studs without removing the head?

if you can remove the broken studs without doing damage, you may be able to redrill the holes with the proper tap drill, and retap the hole for the screw in studs without removing the heads. careful you don't drill through the head, and get drill chips in the engine. i guess it depends on how good you do machine work.

How do you Replace a radio for a 1976 Chevy Nova?

When you pull the knobs off, the remaining studs wi;ll have thin nuts on them. Remove these, and it will pull out of the back.

Are all Chevy rocker arm studs pressed in?

No you can get screw in studs mainly for high performance engines.

How to replace wheel studs on cavalier?

you dont

How do you know when to replace the fuel pump on a 1988 Mitsubishi pickup?

you have to remove the studs, or remove the entire intake manifold! when you do finally get it off replace the studs with bolts.

What size exhaust manifold studs for a 2002 Chevy Venture?

\'02 Ventures use M8X1.25X98.5 exhaust manifold studs.

How do you Replace front wheel studs on 2000 Montana?

You replace the wheel bearing hub assembly - it has studs, bearings and wheel speed sensor around $100 part

How do you replace wheel studs on 93 Chevy s10 front?

To change the front wheel studs on a 1993 Chevy S10, you will need to remove the tire and brake caliper. If it is a floating rotor, you will need to remove the rotor. To install, you will need to use a special tool for removal. If the tool is not available, be prepared to use a large nut and washer for installation.

How do you replace left front wheel studs on my 2002 suzuki xl7?

Pound your 2002 Suzuki left front wheel studs out. You will need to pound in the new studs in the same manner that you removed the old studs.

How do you replace exhaust manifold on Chevy 1994 pickup?

Unbolt from the block & take the nuts off studs to exhaust flange. You will need a new gasket for the block & a new one for the flange.

How do you replace wheel studs on a Cadillac?

you buy a new cadillac

How do you replace the head studs on a VW Beetle?

It's done in the context of an overhaul most of the time. You start by pulling the engine, then the heads. You COULD replace the studs one after another--unscrew an old stud, screw in a new one, unscrew an old stud and keep going around the engine--but it will be easier to pull the cylinders and replace all the studs at one time. but what studs the , cylinder studs that hold the head ont. No year stated. or the rockarm mounting studs. if you have loss studs in the main case. one pulls the motor and puts in case savers and new studs on them. this is a job for a vw experienced machine shop.

Can you replace studs on snow tires?

Practically no. By the time the studs are worn out, tires are too worn for you to install new studs and even if you could, the cost of replacing them would be more than the tires are worth.

How do i replace front studs on my 1999 Honda accord?

Front studs on a 1999 Honda Accord are pressed in. First the studs must be removed using a hammer or press. Once remove each stud can be pressed in.

How do you replace the rear axle studs on a 1997 ford expedition?

take the axle out

What is the lug nut torque for 1972 Chevy K10?

With stock rims and 7/16" studs, 75 ft lbs. With 1/2" studs, 90 ft lbs.

Are the rocker arm studs in a 1974 Chevy 350 engine threaded or pressed into the head?

pressed in..

How tight do you tighten the valves on a 5.7 Chevy motor?

Rocker Studs 50 lb/ft

How many lugs on97 Chevy suburban 2500?

It should have 8 studs per wheel.

How do you repair wheel studs on a 1984 Chevrolet Silverado?

pound them out,and replace them with new ones

How do you replace the wheel bolts on a 2004 Hyundai accent?

if the bolts do not get on then you just have to change the studs