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I'm working the same problem on my 92 Geo Prism, which may be the same or different. You got the door pannel off the inside yet? The roll up window is held on by a spring clip. Hook onto it with a bent cheap screw driver and pop it off. The inside door handle is held by a Phillips screw, then nudge the plastic piece forward to unhook it from the sheet metal. Pop the trim off the arm rest to expose the two Phillips screws. Pop the rest of the panel off with a firm pull. The top hard plastic stays on, just slide the panel out from under it.

Take off the plastic plug and you can reach the hex screws to loosen the exterior door handle. The hard part is removing the two coat hanger rods from the key lock and the plastic door handle. I broke the door handle (again) with my bare hands. Now I'm looking patiently for the replacement part. I could swear I saw on on internet fot $20 but can't see it now. Called two parts stores and three junk yards so far without luck.

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Q: How do you replace outside door handle on 1993 Geo Metro LSI?
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