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How do you replace power window motor on ford ranger?

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The answer will cost you a commitment to post the next thing you can't find on here but figure out yourself. Stop reading if that is too much to ask. :)

Pull the three screws from the door panel. Pull the door panel up and off. It has a couple of hooks at the bottom that will come out when you pull the whole thing up. Don't worry about pulling the wiring loose just pull a couple of the plastic retainers out so you have more room to work. Pull the sound insulation (starting at the bottom) loose about a foot up and tape it out of the way. Swing the door panel back toward the rear of the door and hook the top on the door lock. Remove two of the 5/16ths screws holding the motor on. One through a small hole, and the other through a triangle already cut in the door frame. The third is a trick to get to. You can use a small wrench from the bottom but I drilled a hole in the door frame so I could get a socket in. Reach in and pull the motor loose by shaking it. It is still attached by a rivet that you'll have to drill out but pull it loose so you know which rivet to drill.

Good luck and don't forget your commitment.

2015-07-15 19:56:06
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Q: How do you replace power window motor on ford ranger?
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