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How do you replace small drive belt on mtd yard machine model 13a7660g752 and serial 1b254b10021?


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I have the same mower, and I am replacing the lower drive belt. The small drive belt, or upper drive belt, is easier. Lift the seat, and detach the battery. Pull out the tray that the battery sits on, and bingo, there's the belt. You will have to stop the pulley from rotating as you try to loosen the bolt that holds the pulley in place. There are holes in the pulley, so a long rod of some sort would work to stop it from rotating. You will probably need to spray the bolt with some PB blaster to loosen the rust that is most likely holding in place. Then you will need some elbow grease (figure of speach) to get the pully back on the threaded rod once the new belt is threaded around the pulleys. Good luck!