How do you replace tail light bulb ona 2002 Buick Lesabre?

Actually the tail light assembly is attached to the Trunk Lid itself. You must use a deep socket and remove 7 nuts.. 3 from each side and one in the center. The entire back end assembly will come free. All bulbs are the same P161-1a (p161 1amp) they are the size of your small finger nail and not easy to find. Try to buy 2-3 before you start the job. I thought I had 1 bulb burned out, but it ended up being 3. Give the bulb sockets an 1/8 turn clockwise to release it, then pull the bulb straight out. Reverse the order for assembly. They look like little flash bulbs from the old 120 flim cameras in the 1960's Total job, 20-30 mins. Hint- With the car turned off, turn key to accessory, place in reverse (again engine is off), step around back and check all lights. from inside the trunk, behind the carpet that covers the back of the taillight. You will need to remove the retaining nuts.