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How do you replace the PCM ON A 1994 Ford Tempo GL?

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โˆ™ 2009-05-30 18:00:37
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Q: How do you replace the PCM on a 1994 Ford Tempo GL?
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How do you set idle 1994 Ford F 150 straight six?

It's controlled by the PCM (computer)... there is no idle screw

You are getting a quad input error on a 1994 Saturn coupe how do you correct this?

the quad driver is a individual circuit within the PCM. you will need to replace the engine computer (PCM) in order to correct this issue.

What numbers on the pcm do you need to match up to replace it?

We need at least two numbers on the PCM to match and replace it.

What is a p0601 code and how do you fix it?

P0601, pcm internal failure. replace pcm

1996 ford thunderbird pcm power relay location?

1996 ford thunderbird pcm power relay location?

How do you change a voltage regulator in a 1999 doge Dakota sport?

The engine computer (PCM) is the regulator, so you replace it.The engine computer (PCM) is the regulator, so you replace it.

How do you reprogram pcm on 2003 ford explorer?

Take it to a Ford dealership.

94 Ford Ranger PCM?


What is code 224 for 1994 ford ranger?

I believe that is ( PCM detected coil 1 , 2 , 3 , or 4 primary circuit failure - dual plug )

Location of PCM Unit on 1994 Ford Taurus?

Passenger side on the fire wall below the ignition control module, then behind your glove box you pull it out

Can you change the pcm in your Ford Freestar or do you have to take it to the dealership?

You can change the PCM yourself, however the PCM needs to be programmed by a dealership service tech.

Do a 1995 ford thunderbird sc and a 1995 ford v6 mustang share a common pcm?

no.. you can run the mustang pcm in the tbird but you have to repin the harness

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