How do you replace the alternator on a 1995 Saturn?

IF you remove the right front tire and guard this will give you easy access to your alternator. You will need to jack your car up. It sits underneatdh the engine to the right of the starter. If you locate the oil filter you'll see it right in front of you. Just disconnect your battery and then the pplasitc guard on the alternator held on by a single bolt. Then disconnect all wires. Next, Unscrew the two bolts that runn across the bottom. Put a 14mm on the tensioner to put some slack in the serpentine belt and pull the 14mm wrench. Take the belt from around the alternator and then remove the bolt on the top right of the alternator. that one in particular is a little hard to get to, but take your time and good luck. I f you are still having trouble then get the Haynes Repair manual for the Saturn S-series 1991-2002. You can find them at any auto perts store and they are great to have!

To get to the alternator, you have to get it from the bottom of the car. Make sure you disconnect the battery! I just did the job today (2-13-06) with another person. You don't need 2 people, but it helps tremendously. It's rather tight in some of the locations, but it's definitely workable.

First you must remove the front passenger side wheel and place the car up on Jack stands. It helps to have the whole front elevated as you will be working underneath the car most of the time. Then remove the plastic guards that are behind the wheel. They are held in place by two plastic pins (the anchor type pins).

Once the car is up, refer to the diagram under the hood that gives the serpentine belt routing. You'll see the Tension wheel that you need to move. It's really easy to get to from the wheel axel level. Use a 14mm wrench (NOT's too small of a space to fit the barrel of the socket). Grab onto the bolt head on the wheel and turn clockwise. The whole assembly then moves down, as it's on a spring. That will loosen the Serpentine belt. If you have another person, have them remove the serpentine belt from one of the pulleys as you are holding down the Tension Whell. Once the belt is off, ease the tension wheel back into place. You can now pull the belt off all the wheels.

The alternator is held in by two bolts. they are 13mm bolts, you can use a socket for these. The top bolt is harder to find and easier to reach and loosen if you do it from the bottom of the car. It takes time to loosen, but it can be done. The bottom is a long bolt with a nut on the end. You'll need a 13mm wrench and a 13mm socket for this. From under the car looking at the alternator, place the wrench on the left side of the bolt and the socket wrench on the right. The right side is a nut that holds the bolt in place. Remove the nut and pull the bolt out to the left.

Next there is a plastic guard that protects the wiring. You can remove that by using a 10mm rachet on the bolt that is on the left hand side (from underneath the car) of the alternator. it sits just above the grounding wire. Remove that bolt. If you have someone helping, have them reach through the top of the car and hold the alternator in place while pushing the guard up. It is also held by a little clip, so if you push up you'll unlatch it. Pull the guard off and set aside.

Next remove the grounding wire on the side with a 10mm socket wrench. Then unclip the wiring to the alternator with a flat head screw driver. You'll see how the clip is removed when you see it.

Next, remove the alternator. It may be stuck in place, so have someone come from the top or from the bottom to pound one of the sides where the long bolt was. Once free, remove it through the wheel well.

Once you have this done, just reverse the directions to install the new one. It's fairly easy once you've removed it, to see how it's done.

Hook up the battery..and start the car!