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Look on a car like yours.

Look for the light bulb that has 3 wires. Brake light bulbs do double duty. In addition to being a brake light, they are also a tail light.

I had the same problem which I solved by switching on all the other lights [tail and hazards] which left a choice of any one from two. I guessed lucky first time and still don`t know what the fourth bulb is for.

For a 1999 Escort, open the trunk and remove the 2 screws that hold the taillight assembly to the car. Pull the tail light assembly out from the rear a bit and then toward the side of the car. There are two metal nipples lodged in plastic holders farther up the side of the car. These will come out eventually, allowing the whole assembly to come out to replace the bulbs. However, they may stick a bit, requiring some mixture of persistence and force.

You many notice the plastic holders for those nipples on the inside of the trunk. Try to resist the urge to take a large tool and do something to them, as tempting as it is. It isn't necessary.

Once the assembly is loose from the car, you will see the individual bulb holders. Turn the holder counter-clockwise to access the bulb. Remove the bulb carefully by pulling it out of the socket. Push in the new bulb, and reassemble the rest by reversing the above steps.

In my 98 escort wagon, the brake light bulb is located at the lowest position in my tail light assembly.

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Q: How do you replace the brake light bulb on a Ford Escort when you are unsure which bulb controls the brake lights?
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