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it's a matter of 4 screws just unscrew the panel it's in and u should be able to slide it off the panel piece snip the wire and just match wires with the new one slide it back in and screw the panel back on

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โˆ™ 2007-05-15 17:32:57
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Q: How do you replace the cigarette lighter socket on a 1991 camaro?
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How can you replace the cigarette lighter socket on a 1992 Mercedes 190E?

The Cigarette lighter socket needs replaced. Is this an easy task? Also , can the new socket be just a standard or special socket for the Mercedes? Thanks. Ed

How do you fix the cigarette lighter if the fuse is not blown?

If you are getting power in the socket--replace heating element If you are getting power to the socket, but not through it--replace socket and element

Repair 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan Cigarette lighter?

Replace: Fuse Socket Element

Where is the cigarette lighter socket in a VW transporter?

There is no cigarette lighter. Great for me because I never smoked

Is cigarette lighter live when not in use?

The socket is

How do I replace a cigarette lighter for a 83 Pontiac trans am I got the counsel tor apart but i cant figure out how to remove the cigarette lighter socket.?

Usually you unscrew the backing part on the lighter that holds it to the console.

Replace cigarette lighter socket Chevy S10 pickup?

Gain access to the rear of the socket. Unplug the wires from the rear. Unscrew the housing and the socket will come out the front.

Cigarette lighter for Toyota 2003 echo is not working the fuse diagram does not show where the lighter is or the radio fuse can anyone help?

Just pull all the fuses out and check them. Replace the bad one. that's not really going to help.... remove the cigarette lighter by pulling the trim off the radio there is a fusable link on the cigarette lighter socket itself. you can replace the socket or try to replace the fuseable link its a peice of 14 gauge aluminum wire....

Why might the cigarette lighter cell phone charger socket remains on in a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am even after the car is turned off?

The cigarette lighter / pwer socket is a constant hot socket. In most cars you can use this power socket at all times. It is best to remove anything(except the cigarette lighter) from this socket when the car is off.

How to change honda jazz cigratte lighter socket fuse?

To change Honda jazz cigarette lighter socket fuse you need to disconnect the 2P connectors from the cigarette lighter (A) and cigarette lighter light (B) (if equipped).Inspect the connector terminals to be sure they are all making good contact.

12v outlet in a Mitsubishi Galant?

use the cigarette lighter as as a socket

Why does a cigarette lighter blow fuses when you put it in?

This is usually caused by a bad socket. When you put the lighter in it grounds out the positive and negative wires. Change out the socket and lighter and it will work fine.

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